Kailyn Lowry and her latest baby daddy had a rocky relationship from the beginning. It was not filmed, which made things awkward for viewers following along. While it was known she was dating Chris Lopez, Lowry kept everything as private as possible. Toward the end of her pregnancy, “Teen Mom 2” cameras caught wind of things getting rocky. Kailyn was worried he wouldn't make it for the birth. The two have not spent a lot of time together since Lux was born, but now fans may have a shot at hearing from him.

Deadbeat dad

Chris Lopez has been described as a Deadbeat Dad.

He is different than the other men Kailyn Lowry has children with. Jo Rivera was rough around the edges at first, but he has stepped up to be a father to Isaac. Javi Marroquin is Lowry's ex-husband and the father of her middle son. While the two have had their ups and downs, he has always been there for Lincoln. Lopez is the least available to Lowry, which is why he has made headlines.

Earlier today, Kailyn Lowry tweeted about Chris Lopez wanting to appear on “Coffee Convos.” It is the podcast she shares with Lindsie Chrisley. Several other “Teen Mom” faces have been on, including Javi Marroquin. Of course, “Teen Mom 2” viewers want to hear what he has to say. How will he defend not taking care of his son with Lowry?

How will Lowry and Lopez interact while he is on? There is huge potential with Lopez as a guest, especially for the nosy fans who are fixated on him and what he is doing while Kailyn raises Lux.

New season

A brand new season of “Teen Mom 2” is going to begin airing in just a few weeks.

Filming has been happening on and off for the last several months, and the drama is top-notch this time around. Kailyn Lowry has been making waves because of her comments regarding her co-stars. She feuded with Briana DeJesus because of her relationship with Javi Marroquin, and also with Jenelle Evans regarding her husband's homophobic rant.

If you want to know what Lowry thinks of anything, just check her Twitter account.

Should Chris Lopez follow through and show up for “Coffee Convos,” fans are willing to listen. This will drive up ratings for the podcast, which could lead to more money. Kailyn Lowry already knows people will listen, but the question is whether or not she is ready to share him with the world. The fact that little is known about him has people curious. Not filming "Teen Mom 2" caused a lot of drama, showing up now would be almost pointless.