Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley remain at odds on the seventh season of "Teen Mom OG." According to a new report, the former couple isn't doing the best when it comes to co-parenting their nine-year-old daughter, Leah Shirley, and Portwood's new man, Andrew Glennon, suspects that Shirley may be putting bad things about Portwood into Leah's head.

"Did you talk to Gary about Leah?" Andrew Glennon asks, according to an April 9 sneak peek shared by OK! Magazine.

"[Gary Shirley]'s not giving me her. He's not switching this weekend with me," Amber Portwood responds.

"He just said, 'No.' His reasoning is because that's when Kristina's daughter comes over. But like, I should be priority, especially if I'm giving up my weekend for her to go stay the night with her friends. For him to not be flexible and like switch the weekends is really sh***y."

Is Leah caught in the middle of her parent's feud?

"Do you think [Leah Shirley] feels caught in the middle, like do you think she's aware of this conflict?" Glennon wonders. "I don't think Leah feels caught in the middle but I think she's aware of everything," Amber Portwood says. "She's very intuitive, especially with me. I think she just feels the tension sometimes, which is why I don't like being around him anymore."

Leah spends the majority of her time with Gary Shirley and his wife at their home in Indiana.

Meanwhile, Portwood lives with boyfriend Andrew Glennon in a home nearby.

Is Gary Shirley bad-mouthing Amber to Leah?

Andrew Glennon thinks so! "To have her in the middle of it... and I'm sure he's putting stuff in her head I can't even imagine," he tells his girlfriend. "The bashing absolutely needs to stop," she agrees. "Everybody's like, 'You should go back to court.' My kid is nine-years-old.

I'm not taking her away from where she's been for years... where she has her step-sister and stuff, and her other baby sister."

"You don't just take the kid away for something like that. That's like trauma. So, if he doesn't cooperate with giving me extra time, that's something I'm going to have to modify probably," Portwood explains.

"It's really apparent that he does not want her spending that much time with you," Glennon adds.

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