When The Willis Family was on television, everyone thought they had this perfect family. They seemed to get along great and fans loved them. Later on, it came out that the father had been sexually abusing some of the girls. Fans speculated for a while that Jessica was the one who revealed it all and now she is sharing information.

Jessica talks her childhood

Jessica Willis Fisher is the oldest of the Willis children. She explained that back in 2016, things were going well for her, but then she ended up changing it all that year. She was the lead singer of their group and they were filming their reality show as well.

Jessica finally decided that she had to tell her story and let the truth out.

She went on to explain that she always remembers being sexually abused by her father. At first, she didn't realize anything was wrong at all and she also was only about three from the first memories that she has of it happening. When she was around the age of nine, she said that her mom started to be a bit suspicious about what was going on. Her father denied everything and nothing ever came out of it at that time.

Jessica Willis said, "The most graphic sexual abuse faded off for me when I was around seventeen years old but many inappropriate actions and attentions continued." She wasn't the only one of the Willis children to deal with this in their lifetime either.

The reality star has moved on

Jessica is now married and going by the last name Fisher. She seems to have moved on with her life and to be doing well. Her husband Sean was someone that came into her life in 2015. He was with her through all of the coming out about what went down during her childhood and ultimately pressing charges on her dad.

One night, she did tell her dad that she wasn't going to let this happen anymore and she knew the sexual abuse was still happening to her sisters, but they didn't get anywhere and their lives just went on as normal.

She explained that Sean would bring her flowers and was around her family, but it did end up causing some problems.

Jessica said, "However, it wasn’t long before our growing connection became a threat to my father’s control and the favor evaporated." Jessica did stay with Sean, but her family didn't know about it. Sean realized what had happened to her in the past and she wrote a fourteen page later about it that she shared with her parents. Her dad denied it all and said she lied, but her mom was shocked.

For a while, Jessica Willis stuck around, but things were not good for her at all and she eventually lost about 15 lbs. and was feeling a lot of abuse. She says that her father actually assaulted her in front of everyone on the tour bus. She admits to hiding in her bunk so the police wouldn't see the blood and bruises from his assault.

Finally, she was able to get brave enough to leave and then four months later a family friend reported her father for the abuse. It took a few weeks before he was arrested, but she came out about everything.

When it comes to her family, she is in a good place. Jessica said, "I have felt such support from them in the telling of this story and I look forward to supporting them in theirs." Luckily, she is married and happy and finally, things are going great in her life.

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