It did not take Jenelle Evans long to find herself back in hot water with "Teen Mom 2" fans and social media followers. It hasn't even been a week since Evans revealed she had returned to filming "Teen Mom 2" before she has fans bashing her once again. Why Jenelle, why? Jenelle Evans took to her Facebook page on April 2 and began mocking Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez by sharing a nasty inappropriate meme.

MTV needs to take action

Fans have been commenting about Jenelle all day and it appears as if she may have just lost all the remaining fans she had left after February's gun photos, comments and husband David Eason's homophobic Twitter rant.

Fans are stating that they have had enough of Jenelle's "cyberbullying" and believe MTV and "Teen Mom 2" should do something about her behavior.

Jenelle Evans may have just cost herself her job this time

After sitting down six weeks without filming the popular reality series and wondering for more than a month as to whether or not she would also be terminated one might believe Jenelle would be on her best behavior. Evans claims she was being "sarcastic" with the meme" but most people are just getting fed up with the insensitivity that she and her husband David Eason seems to have no issues in throwing out publicly.

However, according to The Hollywood Gossip reports Jenelle did not film last week.

In fact, she caused some major drama with the film crew.

Jenelle Evans is reportedly under the impression that MTV and "Teen Mom 2" are nothing without her and set off to prove it. The report claims that after Jenelle made arrangements with the film crew that she ditched them, refusing to film. Not only has this cost the production time and more importantly money, it may have also finally cost Jenelle Evans her job also.

Jenelle Evans' future with MTV in jeopardy once again, and it appears as far as some fans and viewers of "Teen Mom 2" are concerned it is as if Jenelle is trying to be fired. It is sad because this is nasty drama being brought on by herself and David Eason, not to mention just what kind of example are they setting for their children.

Compassion, kindness, and understanding start at home, or at least is supposed to. This is another case of "Teen Mom" parenting fails. As for Jenelle, well, if this is how she wants to play it all out then, we hope for the kid's sake that she and David have an employment back up plan to fall back on.

Just when we thought MTV had cleared up some of the drama within the franchise. Looks as if Jenelle Evans and Ryan Edwards may very well both be out of a job in the very near future.What are your thoughts on all of this "Teen Mom" mess?