When it comes to the current state of politics in the United States, it's clear to see where most Americans stand on the issues. For Tomi Lahren, the right-wing firebrand doesn't appear willing to move from Donald Trump's side anytime soon.

Tomi on Trump

Ever since Donald Trump became a politician just over two years ago, the game of American politics has drastically changed. A metaphorical battle line was drawn, as many voters took a love him, or hate him approach in judging the former host of "The Apprentice." Due to Trump's controversial rhetoric and questionable policy proposals, the majority of the mainstream media has continued to hold the president's feet to the fire, which has caused a war of words to break out between both sides.

In the more liberal-leaning Hollywood, celebrities have used their popularity to bash Trump, doing so in film, TV, music, and even on award shows. High-profiled opponents of the president include rap star Eminem, NBA's LeBron James, and late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel. In recent weeks, Trump has been a target of late-night television, with Kimmel being the most vocal of the bunch. In addition, rapper Eminem released an over four minute freestyle just last week that was critical of the commander in chief. As expected, the conservative media has not been pleased with how celebrities have spoken out against Trump, which included Tomi Lahren's "Final Thoughts" on October 16.

During her Monday edition of "Final Thoughts," recently hired Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren lost her cool while calling out celebrities for attacking Donald Trump.

Name-dropping Eminem, Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Meyers, Lahren refereed to them as "arrogant" who claim they are "too good for Trump supporters."

"You are grown men telling your fellow Americans to 'F off.' Really?" Lahren rhetorically asked, before claiming Hollywood critics were "insulting" those who supported Trump during the election.

Lahren then went on to accuse the "left" of attacking anyone who doesn't hold liberal political views. "They attack, insult and degrade their fellow Americans," she added.

Tomi's name drop

Tomi Lahren went on to call out Eminem again, saying the rapper should be thrilled with Donald Trump for "trying to bring back jobs to a city and state destroyed by Democrats and their policies," referencing the rapper's hometown of Detroit.

Not stopping there, the Fox News contributor accused Eminem of making a career using "homophobic slurs" and glorifying "domestic violence."

Not stopping there, Tomi Lahren went on the attack against Jimmy Kimmel, saying the late-night host was "not funny," while labeling him a "joke." The conservative favorite went forward with her rant, before daring those who criticize Donald Trump to continue to do so and "see what happens."