Netflix's former "house of cards" star Kevin Spacey may face charges of sexual assault. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department presented the case to the Los Angeles District Attorney on April 5. No additional details were provided.

The Oscar winner was accused of sexual assault by over a dozen men in the United States and England which prompted authorities to open up criminal investigations in both countries. The L.A. County Sheriff's Special Victims Bureau started their investigation into the accusations in December 2017.

"Star Trek: Discovery" star Anthony Rapp was the first person to come forward with sexual assault accusations in an interview with "Buzzfeed." Rapp claimed the actor, who was 26 at the time, "was trying to seduce me."

The victims vs Spacey

Rapp told "Buzzfeed" he met the actor in 1986 when they worked in Broadway shows.

The actor invited 14-year-old Rapp, now 46, to a party at his apartment. Later that night, Rapp became bored and decided to watch TV in the actor's bedroom. He realized he was the only one left when Spacey appeared in the doorway.

"My impression when he came in the room was that he was drunk," Rapp said. The "Rent" star alleged the actor picked him up bridal style, laid on top of him, then held him down. Rapp managed to get free from Spacey's tight grip then escaped into the bathroom.

After discovering a picture of Spacey with his arm around a man, Rapp opened the door and told the actor "Ok, I'm going to go home now." Rapp said the actor followed him to the door. Spacey asked, "Are you sure you wanna go?," in which, Rapp responded, "Yes, good night." Rapp exited the apartment and did not cross paths with the actor again until the 1999 Tony Awards.

Numerous accusations of sexual assault against Spacey continued to pile up after Rapp's interview.

Spacey apologies

Spacey apologized to the actor in a tweeted statement.

Netflix vs Spacey

In light of the accusations, Netflix fired the actor from the critically acclaimed political drama before the show's sixth season.

"House of Cards" was one of the top award-winning shows on the network's streaming platform. The first season aired in 2013 becoming the first widely successful show with original content on Netflix. Over the course of five seasons, the show brought in several awards and thousands of new subscribers increasing the streaming giant's revenue.

According to "Newsweek", Netflix's Chief Financial Officer, David Wells, announced the company lost $39 million after firing Kevin Spacey. Wells stated the massive loss was from content "we've decided not to move forward with." "Newsweek" confirmed through a Netflix representative that the loss came from axing several of Kevin Spacey projects.

Netflix decided to end the show after the sixth season which will focus on Claire Underwood played by Spacey's co-star Robin Wright.