Near the end of the "Incredible, Fun, Sexy, Crazy" tour, Demi Lovato opened the show with an OMG-moment that left the crowd shook in Newark, New Jersey. The "Tell Me You Love Me" singer was performing her song "Lonely" when Grammy-nominated singer, Kehlani, surprised her onstage with a kiss.

How did the kiss happen?

Lovato, dressed in a white silk robe, was rolling around on the bed when Kehlani snuck up behind her sending the audience into a frenzy. Lovato was surprised but kept performing. Kehlani proceeded to caress the singer then went for a kiss which the 25-year-old happily obliged.

Continuing their playful flirting, Lovato straddled Kehlani on her onstage bed to give the crowd a little something extra by seductively rolling her hips on her tour mate while singing. Kehlani added to fuel to the fire when she rubbed the singer's thigh and continued with her flirtatious antics. Toward the end the song, the pair hugged then exited the stage. The fans wasted no time posting the video of that epic moment.

Was the kiss planned?

Demi Lovato spoke with BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show host, Nick Grimshaw, revealing the kiss with the 22-year-old "Distraction" singer was an unplanned but welcomed surprise. The singer told the host, Nick, that Kehlani was going to watch her show but she could not find her.

Lovato figured she left. Lovato continued saying she was surprised when she felt a pair of hands on her. "Then all of a sudden I feel hands on my shoulders for the song called ‘Lonely’ and I look up and it’s her."

"And, I don’t know, we just kissed each other. Like, it wasn’t planned, she totally surprised me. It was perfect.

It was awesome." Kehlani, who released her album "SweetSexySavage" last year, joined the tour as the opening act for the singer's United States portion of highly anticipated "Incredible Fun Sexy Crazy" tour that ended on April 2.

Both singers posted on social media about the kiss

Demi Lovato posted Instagram photos saying she was truly grateful to have an "extremely special, talented and cool as f--k woman on this tour with me.

Demi continued to say that it was an "incredible fun sexy night" she will never forget. The singer responded with a post on her Instagram to show her gratitude to the singer. Kehlani wrote, "It was a dream getting to do this tour with you." Kehlani wrote that the dancers put her up to it and anyone would be crazy not take that chance.

Both women are not shy about their attraction to girls as they have stated in their songs. However, the kiss proved to be nothing more than two people having fun and giving the crowd a little something extra.