As Fox News host Sean Hannity continues to defend Donald Trump at every turn, other cable news hosts have decided to speak out in opposition. One name that has spoken up is Joe Scarborough, who didn't hold back during his latest broadcast.

(Scarborough's remarks start at 00:40 in the above video)

Scarborough on Hannity

Ever since the campaign announcement of Donald Trump back in June 2015, the media has been split in their coverage. While the majority of the mainstream media has pushed back against Trump, Fox News has remained a political safe space for the commander in chief.

While most hosts on the network have been supportive of the president, Trump's number one cheerleader has been Sean Hannity. In his latest broadcast, Hannity accused special counsel Robert Mueller of political bias against Trump, echoing the president's own defense of a "witch hunt." Hannity went as far as to label the special counsel as the "Mueller crime family" in comparison to the mafia and a mob boss, with former House Speaker echoing those same thoughts as a guest on the show.

The issue of Sean Hannity and his constant support of Donald Trump was highlighted during the April 12 edition of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.

"It’s beneath contempt," Joe Scarborough said, before adding, "Sean Hannity is a desperate man, desperately defending a desperate president." Not stopping there, Scarborough then called out Hannity's program, labeling it a "joke" that was only there for the "entertainment" of the network's conservative viewers.

"It’s trash," Joe Scarborough said of Sean Hannity, comparing his Fox News show to the Kardashians, adding that the fact that his audience was entertained by the smearing of Robert Mueller is "beneath contempt and it shows how desperate they all are." "I don't know how stupid he thinks Americans are," Scarborough wondered, before adding, "But it's very insulting to Fox viewers."

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This isn't the first time that Joe Scarborough has spoken out about Sean Hannity, as the two cable news rivals have had a long history against each other.

Hannity has frequently hit back at Scarborough, referring to him as a phony conservative who turned liberal after becoming romantically involved with co-host Mika Brzezinski on "Morning Joe." In response, Scarborough has doubled down on his criticism of Hannity since the election of Donald Trump, highlighting his constant support of the former host of "The Apprentice" despite the evidence and scandals that become available that expose the president and his administration to the American people on an almost daily basis.