Kristoff St. John has not been on "The Young and the Restless" since October. He took a four-month leave of absence to deal with mental health issues. Now fans of his character Neil Winters will be glad to know that he resumed filming in March. He should be in action with his family and friends sometime in April. When head "Y&R" writer Mal Young took over last year, he promised that Neil and Devon would get more air time. He has kept his word regarding young Mr. Hamilton who is involved in a front burner storyline with Hilary. genoa city residents as well as viewers will be waiting with baited breath to see what is in store for Neil this time around.

Mental health issues for the St. John family

Kristoff St. John has been open and honest about the mental health issues that have plagued his family. His son Julian committed suicide 3 years ago while battling depression. St. John shared that therapy, medication and even hospitalization did not work for his son. Soon after he began dealing with his own bouts of depression and things came to a head when the actor's girlfriend claimed he sent her an image where he had a gun to his head. She later recanted her version of the events but Kristoff decided to check himself out of "The Young and the Restless" and into a medical facility. Now he is ready to roll again and fans, as well as Genoa City residents, are ready to see him back in action.

Neil will return to changes in Genoa City

Neil Winters left town to be with his son Moses and will find that much has changed since he was last in Genoa City. He will have a lot of catching up to do, as Devon is trying to have a baby with Hilary, Cane and Lily have reunited, Victor is hospitalized, and Ashley and Kyle are trying to take over Newman and Jabot.

When Mal Young took over as the "Y&R" head writer, he said he could give Neil and Devon more air time. He has kept his word where Devon is concerned so fans are eagerly waiting to see what happens with Neil.

Before he left town Neil was helping his son get their Hamilton Winters company off the ground but was not involved in any front burner storylines.

Mal Young has given no details on the return of Kristoff St. John. He has, however, delivered on his promise to give the viewers can't-miss episodes that keep them on the edge of their seats. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS to find out what exciting storylines are in store for the Hamilton and Winters families.