Yesterday the Duggar family posted what was meant to be a cute photo of Grandma Duggar. She was just hanging out with a Nerf Gun and ready to go. It looks like she was about to battle the children and have a fun time. It was a harmless photo but everyone is freaking out on the comments about how you should teach children about Gun Control. This was an older photo that the Duggar family shared once again.

What has fans so upset?

You can see the picture below of what has the fans mad. The family shared this picture and it was obvious they didn't mean any harm by it.

One fan by the name of Bev Tanner is very vocal on the post. Her first post said, "We really shouldn't be encouraging gun play in this day and age." There are 27 replies to it about how they are not okay with what she had to say or agree with her. Then she said, "Today is the anniversary of Columbine. I guess none of you have had a child or friend killed by this cultural abnormality which is ingrained in the American culture. There are many ways to have fun rather than mimicking a military style weapon. Jesus would be proud." Some people seem to agree with her in their responses.

Other people are talking about how the Duggars don't allow a lot of things, such as the way they do courting, but they will allow their kids to play with guns.

They don't kiss before marriage, but they seem okay with playing with nerf guns. These are not real guns, but that isn't keeping people from being upset at all.

Some fans are defending them

A few fans don't see the problem with it at all. The Duggars were just having a fun time with the family and they feel like it is great that Grandma Duggar is right in the middle of the fight.

Some are talking about how playing with the grandkids like this keeps her young. It does look like Grandma Duggar didn't mean any harm at all and is just actually having fun with her kids.

The Duggars are pretty used to people giving them a hard time about things. For now, they aren't saying anything about people being upset and it doesn't look like they are going to either.

They normally just let the fans complain and the go on about their life acting like nothing ever happened or was said about them.

Are you shocked to hear that everyone gave the Duggars such a hard time for Grandma Duggar holding a nerf gun to play with the grandchildren? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns this summer to TLC.