An ex-member of the Church of Scientology has recently come forward to divulge the controversy surrounding two of the Church’s most famous members.

Brendan Tighe worked security in the Church Of Scientology for about three decades. He said well-known Scientologists John Travolta and Tom Cruise have been feuding over their ranks within the Church for decades. Tighe says the stars have “furiously vied” for the coveted role as David Miscavige’s right-hand man. Miscavige has been acting leader of the Church of Scientology since the 1980s.

Cruise receives extra attention

According to Tighe, Travolta is envious of the special treatment and extravagant gifts Cruise has received since joining the Church. From an aircraft hangar to a custom-built bus, Scientology higher-ups have spent a fortune on lavish presents for the “Risky Business” star. His fellow Scientology A-Lister is not granted the same luxuries. “Travolta doesn’t get anything free," reported Tighe, saying nobody from the Church has ever offered Travolta "absurd gifts" or "over the top favours."

In 2008, Travolta reportedly “exploded in jealousy” when Cruise was awarded the Freedom Medal of Valor, an honour bestowed upon the most devoted Scientologist. Up until Cruise’s receipt of the award, Travolta was supposedly considered Miscavige’s disciple.

According to Tighe, the rivalry between Travolta and Cruise was anything but secret. Travolta was even left off the guest list for Cruise’s wedding to “Dawson’s Creek” star Katie Holmes. Tighe said it's clear Travolta doesn’t view Cruise "as a superior in any way." He also said that Travolta was "so p***ed off" when Cruise received his medal.

Extreme jealousy

Miscavige allegedly played the celebrity Scientologists against one another. He supposedly praised Travolta for his devotion to the Church before presenting the Freedom Medal of Valor to Cruise. The only other person Miscavige ever spoke so highly of was Travolta, according to Tighe. Apparently, Miscavige had told Travolta that he was "the most dedicated Scientologist" and that he had "introduced more members than anyone." Tighe said it was like he was stripped of his title.

“He was jealous.”

Apparently, Travolta is not the only Scientologist to have an issue with Cruise within the Church. When Cruise received his award in 2008, the Office of Special Affairs (the Church’s so-called intelligence agency) was “on high alert” ready for a backlash to follow the decision. Miscavige's selection of Cruise for the award "built up a lot of resentment within the ranks of Scientology,” the former Scientologist said. Roughly half of the Church's members didn't believe Cruise deserved the medal.

Different reputations

Within the Church, Tighe claimed Travolta was always interested in people while Cruise was standoffish. The “Tropic Thunder” star allegedly demanded that all security guards within the Church have their teeth whitened regularly.

Apparently, the 55-year-old “Mission Impossible” celeb likes a bright smile.

After being born into Scientology, Tighe left his post as a security guard in 2009 after “a succession of incidents with higher command.” He is hoping he will be able to shed some light on the Church of Scientology and its celebrity followers by sharing this story.