There are always rumors flying that one of the Duggar girls is pregnant. The newest rumors are about Jill Duggar Dillard. A recent picture of Jill from Easter has the Fans sure that she is expecting her third child with husband Derick Dillard. Of course, the couple isn't saying a word yet about if it is true or not. They already have two sons and the fans would love to hear that another baby is on the way.

What has fans talking?

The picture that everyone is talking about is below. This was an Easter picture that Derick Dillard shared on his Instagram page for their followers.

The fans started talking the second that he shared it about maybe another baby being on the way for the couple.

You can't really see Jill's belly in the picture and it looks like she could be using her son to cover up a baby bump. Some fans also think that they can see a bump in the picture on the side. It could be something, but Jill never really got tiny again after having both of her babies. There have been rumors about her being pregnant pretty much since the day she had her last son.

Is she really pregnant?

So far, Jill and Derick aren't saying a word about if they are pregnant or not. The couple isn't really on the show "Counting On" anymore. They cut ties with Derick and haven't been showing Jill either.

This means if they make an announcement then it may not be a big one like the rest of the Duggar family ends up getting. The fans will just have to wait and see what they end up saying. If Jill is pregnant, you know that they will end up making an announcement. She is actually known for sharing the news pretty early on in her pregnancy unlike some people who wait until after their first trimester.

The comments on the post are fans talking about thinking Jill is pregnant, but then people are also arguing over if they feel like Jill and Derick should still be on the show or not. Derick Dillard ended up really upsetting a lot of people and TLC as well with all of his comments about Jazz Jennings. TLC shared the news that they had cut ties with him and he wouldn't be on the show anymore.

That was a pretty big pay cut for the family as well.

Do you think that Jill and Derick Dillard might be expecting? The rumors have flown before, but you never know. Sound off in the comments below and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns this summer with new episodes. They did confirm that the show would be back, but it doesn't look like fans will be seeing Derick or much of Jill either.