Many of the old fans of the franchise have not identified with the release of the new saga “Dragon Ball Super” and its animation. Most of this is because the new saga makes use of the many new animation technologies, adding, among other things, the digitalization of textures, creating a big difference with the animation of the 90s. Yet judging by what we could see in the new teaser trailer of the new OVA, the animation is very similar to the that of the franchise’s golden ages. One thing we don’t know much about is its plot, so that’s what I am going to analyze next.

Below are what could be considered some "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers within the movie coming out in December.

First of all, it would seem that the new OVA will be focusing on the relationship between the Saiyans and Frieza, the former Emperor of Evil of Universe 7. As you can all remember, "Dragon Ball Super" ended with Frieza reassembling his former army, which could be hiding on many of the formerly conquered planets. We also know that the film will be a continuation of the events that happened during the Tournament of Power saga. We have also seen images of Goku wearing the training clothes he used during "Dragon Ball Super." But the main question is: Who will be the villain to defeat? Will he be a new warrior or an enemy from the past?

Who is going to be the enemy this time?

Maybe this enigmatic character is a Saiyan from the past that for some reason will face Goku. We are led to believe this because of the armor this character wears. Some believe that this character could be Yamoshi, that Saiyan of a pure heart that managed to transform into Super Saiyan and faced many evil warriors of his kin.

The spirit of this character is the one that would later inspire the appearance of the Super Saiyan God.

Yet the idea of such a pure-hearted character facing Goku (who is also a pure-hearted being) is still odd. The truth is that I don’t have many details about the movie’s plot, but certainly, the idea of a Saiyan of the past facing Goku is very interesting.

I also think that this could be an excellent chance to reveal many mysteries left by the old sagas and OVAs which I believe were poorly explained. What do you guys think?

The plot

Meanwhile, the “Dragon Ball Super” movie is slated to be available in cinemas on December 14, 2018. Based on the latest information from Toei Animation, the film will have a global simultaneous release. Thank you for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until next time!!!!