Chelsea Houska recently shared her pregnancy news to the delight of "Teen Mom 2" fans. Soon after, she started asking questions about childbirth on Twitter and it's pretty clear that she's got some worries about going into labor for the third time.

Chelsea is so nervous about that end of her pregnancy that she even polled her fans about their own experiences.It's not the first time that Chelsea has asked her fans questions about pregnancy as she gets ready to add another baby to the mix.

On Monday, Chelsea asked, "I have a questions [sic] for the mamas!

If you went into labor naturally, were your second/third labors LONGER than your first or FASTER? My first was 4 hours, second was 1hr 20min...I’m scared this next baby is gonna fly right out."

'Teen Mom' fans answer

Nearly 20,000 people responded to Chelsea's poll with 85 percent of them stating that their second child came faster than the first. Even Kail Lowry responded, tweeting, "It’s hard to tell chelsea! Mine were 13 hours, 16 hours then 1.5 hours.

Lol judging by yours history she might fly out."

To that, Chelsea responded, "Omg I forgot you had a fast one with Lux too!"

That couldn't have helped the "Teen Mom 2" star to feel better about Giving Birth. She even followed up the original tweet with another that explained what she was afraid of.

"OMG I’m so scared that coles gonna be at work and I’m gonna go into labor at home with both kids here with me gonna start prepping Aubree for labor duties," Chelsea wrote.

Many others shared their birth stories with Chelsea and the overwhelming majority agreed that their subsequent births were usually faster than the first. That doesn't necessarily mean she'll end up going into labor and having this baby girl really fast but it does mean that there's a good chance she might. It never hurts to be prepared and aware.

It's a girl!

When Chelsea Houska shared her pregnancy news with "Teen Mom 2" fan, she also revealed that she and Cole are expecting a baby girl. She also shared that she's due in September but that she expects baby number three to be born in August since she's always had her babies a little bit early.

Chelsea is already raising a daughter, Aubree who is 8 years old and fathered by Adam Lind. She also has a son with husband Cole DeBoer. Watson is just turned 1 year old in January.

"Teen Mom 2" fans have been truly happy to hear Chelsea Houska's pregnancy announcement and look forward to all the updates that are coming. Of all the women still starring on the MTV hit, Chelsea is one of the least dramatic and most stable.Congrats to Chelsea and Cole on their pregnancy news. Hopefully Chelsea can relax a bit about what might happen during labor since she won't even be at that point for several more months.