Dragon Ball Super” has unveiled many fascinating things to the fandom. The Tournament of Power introduced interesting characters that added color to the already remarkable world of the Saiyans and powerful mortals. Fans got to know the overpowered fighter from Universe 11 that repeatedly defeated unbelievably potent fighters—Jiren the Gray. Different Gods and Angels of Destruction were also unveiled to the fandom. Who could forget Beerus, Champa, and Vermouth? Who was not fascinated with the teleporting capabilities of Whis and Vados or the smirk on the face of Mojito when his universe was erased by the Zenos?

Interestingly, during the Tournament of Power, one mortal defeated one of the Gods of Destruction, and he happened to be a Saiyan.

Who is the mortal?

During the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super,” many fighters ascended to higher power levels. Noticeably, most of these fighters were Saiyans. As part of their race, these fighters grow fiercer when in a heated battle. This is also one of the reasons why Son Goku was able to unleash his Mastered Ultra-Instinct form. However, it was also during this hotly contested competition when a fighter embraced his power and accepted his fate as a God of Destruction. The Team Leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo, abandoned justice and accepted his fate in order to protect his universe from total annihilation.

It was also during this time when the Prince of All Saiyans (Vegeta) stood up for Universe 7.

Vegeta unleashed his Super Saiyan God Evolution and defeated Toppo’s Hakai. The Prince of All Saiyans was the first mortal to overpower a powerful God of Destruction. It appears that throughout the competition, Toei Animation built his character up.

In the previous installments of the franchise, Son Goku or Son Gohan would always get the limelight, this time, however, the Prince of All Saiyans was given the recognition that he rightly deserves.

Other details

Although Son Goku was able to master the godly technique, he did not defeat the overpowered Jiren the Gray. He could have mastered the technique that most Gods of Destruction were not able to accomplish but its overwhelming power took a toll on his mortal body.

Maybe in the future arcs of the popular anime series, fans will witness the fan-favorite Saiyan perfectly unleashing this form, but for now, Toei Animation left the fans content with the fact that Son Goku achieved it out of necessity.

Meanwhile, “Dragon Ball Super” will soon be seen in theaters as Toei Animation continues to bring the popular characters to the big screen. On December 14, 2018, Japanese fans will be able to witness this much-awaited movie. There are several speculations that the animated film will also be released worldwide but this has not been officially confirmed.