Earlier today, Toei Animation dropped the first-ever teaser trailer for the movie “Dragon Ball Super.” It provides several details that shed light on the early information that was released when the movie was first announced. One of the most intriguing fine points that fans would like to know is film’s villain. The team behind the upcoming reel has been so discreet in giving out information about it. Thanks to some earlier releases, fans are able to identify the next villain that the fan-favorite Saiyan will face in the franchise’s 20th movie. It appears that fans will get to see a fresh character origially made by the creator himself.

Who is the new villain?

The latest teaser trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie rocked the fandom once again. While many noticed the kind of animation applied to the upcoming film, most fans would like to know the movie’s villain. Several fans claim that it is Yamoshi while others believe it is Broly. However, it appears that the villain is a new character design by the legendary creator himself—Akira Toriyama. On the popular social networking site, Twitter, anime and manga storyboard artist and content editor named Deb Aoki already revealed the identity of the New Villain.

According to the content creator, the new character came from a time different to that of Son Goku. It means that it could be in the future or from the past timeline of the fan-favorite Saiyan.

The same character will also be available in the upcoming mobile game of the franchise titled “Dragon Ball Legends.” The character will make his debut in the franchise’s 20th movie. You can check out a couple of videos below to have a deeper look at the new character. One video is the movie’s teaser trailer and the other is that of the mobile game.


Another detail that fans are also talking about right now is Frieza’s involvement in the upcoming movie. In a statement made by Akira Toriyama, he notes that the film will explore the origins of Saiyans and Frieza. It is possible that the movie will delve into how the wicked emperor links back to the new character and to his storyline.

Most likely, the movie will shed light on the back-story of Frieza and the Saiyans. This might include why the evil emperor loathes the race so much.

Meanwhile, “Dragon Ball Super” movie is slated to be available in cinemas on December 14, 2018. Based on the latest information from Toei Animation, the film will have a global simultaneous release.