On Sunday evening, it was announced that veteran actor R. Lee Ermey had died. As fans took to social media to grieve, Donald Trump Jr. gave his thoughts, but his remarks didn't go over well in return.

Don Jr. on R. Lee Ermey

It's no secret that Donald Trump hasn't gotten along with the majority of celebrities out in Hollywood due to most having strong liberal political views. From the day the former host of "The Apprentice" decided to run for president, he clashed with Hollywood stars when he referred to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." Since then, Trump and his family have made it almost routine to rip into the more liberal Hollywood, though there have been exceptions.

While outspoken celebrity Trump supporters like Roseanne Barr, Tim Allen, and Clinton Eastwood have gotten the headlines, R. Lee Ermey was a vocal conservative who became friendly with the Trump family.

As first confirmed by his long time manager Bill Rogin, R. Lee Ermey passed away on Sunday at the age of 74 following complications from pneumonia. Known for his roles in "Full Metal Jacket" and the remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," Emery put together a resume that earned him a nomination for a Golden Globe.

In a post on Instagram and Twitter on April 15, Donald Trump Jr. made sure to say a few words. "Well today we lost a legend and a great American. I am proud to have had R. Lee Ermey as a friend and shooting teammate," Don Jr. wrote. "If you thought he was motivating in Full Metal Jacket you should have seen him on the firing line when points mattered," he wrote.

"They unfortunately don’t make many like him these days. Thanks for your friendship sir. Rest In Peace Gunny," Donald Trump Jr. added to conclude his post, while attaching a photo of the two men together.

Within minutes, critics of the Trump family decided to chime in.

Twitter on R. Lee Ermey

While being respectful of R. Lee Ermey's passing, those who oppose the Trump family didn't hold back their thoughts about the president's son's remarks. "You want to look at a way to escape. your in deep sh*t," one tweet read.

"You are repugnant," a Twitter user wrote.

"I wish HE were your dad. He would have kicked your a** out of the gate and set you on the right path," another tweet added. "I’m sure he puked in his mouth a little to have his picture taken with the likes of you. SMH," an additional tweet stated.

"So what is up with Aubrey tweeting picture of a positive pregnancy test during your affair?" a social media use wrote. "You are such a brainless twit! You would not know a legend or great American if they smacked you in the head! None in your family for sure!" a follow-up tweet noted.