"Teen Mom 2" fans are already aware that Chelsea Houska is expecting a baby girl with Cole DeBoer. After all, she announced it on Instagram on March 15. But is she expecting more than one girl? That's the question many had after Chelsea started chatting on Twitter about her car seat and stroller preferences. Is Chelsea really getting ready for one baby or two?

How it all went down

"So we used the nuna pipa car seat for Watson (love it) and so I was pumped when I saw that they were coming out with a double stroller, since we are gonna need one," Chelsea tweeted.

"But i don’t like how the second seat is literally IN the storage area. Where you suppose to keep your things?!"

After asking for stroller recommendations, Chelsea tweeted out a picture of the stroller that she was talking about. The premium double stroller is sleek and black. It also looks like it would hold two small babies, not one newborn and one toddler. That had people wondering what she was up to according to OK! Magazine.

Chelsea didn't really seem concerned about the fit of her kids though.

Instead, she was worried more about the amount of space that would be available for storage. .Truly, that is a legitimate parent worry, don't get me wrong. However, after looking at Chelsea's stroller of choice, it looks like something that would easily fit two small babies and not a baby and a toddler.

While some "Teen Mom 2" fans helped Chelsea Houska shop for strollers, others questioned her pregnancy news and whether she forgot to mention a second baby in her womb.

"Twins?" asked a fan tweet.

"Heck no!" Chelsea responded. "I'll have 2 under 2 though."

So she does plan to use the stroller for her son Watson, who turned 1 year old in January, and the new baby.

And baby makes three

This will be Chelsea Houska's third baby. She has an 8-year old daughter Aubree, fathered by Adam Lind. When Chelsea initially shared her pregnancy announcement, she said that Aubree was very excited to have a little sister coming.

She also shared that Aubree did a great job keeping the baby secret until Chelsea and Cole were ready to share with the world.

Chelsea and Cole's son Watson was born in January 2017, just months after the couple tied the knot. Even after Cole was born, Chelsea made it clear that she wasn't done growing her family so it's not a huge surprise that she's pregnant again already.

Clearly, Chelsea Houska is excited about her baby news and has been sharing freely with her fans on social media with the exception of the baby's name. During a recent Q&A, "Teen Mom 2" fans asked Chelsea questions about baby names, which she mostly answered. The exception being the actual name. Chelsea explained that she likes to wait and reveal the new child's name after birth.