Brittany Cartwright didn't waste any time getting back into the dating game after being dumped by jax taylor on last week's episode of "Vanderpump Rules" season six. In fact, she touched base with Adam Spott, who she works with at SUR Restaurant in West Hollywood, California, just hours after the breakup.

"I've never texted a guy and had them be as respectful as Adam has. Literally, I texted him a couple of hours after I was single, which, I'm sorry about that," Cartwright tells Scheana Marie and Lala Kent in a sneak peek at next week's episode of the show.

During the episode, the ladies were enjoying a night out with Spott.

"If I was trying to just get you laid and hook you up with someone, I have a list of douchebag friends I could text. It wouldn't be a good guy," Scheana explained. As fans of "Vanderpump Rules" will recall, Scheana arranged for Cartwright and Spott to enjoy one another's company earlier on during season six and Jax Taylor wasn't happy about it.

Brittany Cartwright isn't too sure how to date quite yet

In her cast confessional, Cartwright admitted that it has been a long time since she's found herself single. "I really haven't been single for five or six years. I honestly don't even know how to flirt anymore. Am I supposed to wink?" she asks.

Cartwright began dating Taylor three years ago after meeting in Las Vegas.

"Every guy at SUR thinks Brittany is hot so I absolutely went with it," Scheana Marie continued, speaking of her decision to set Cartwright up with Spott after learning she and Taylor were on the outs weeks prior. "Everybody has a crush on [Brittany Cartwright]."

"My man thinks she's hot!

Hello?" Lala Kent chimed in. "My man's ready to pay her bills, too!"

Jax Taylor wants to be Brittany Cartwright's neighbor?

During another sneak peek at next week's show, Jax Taylor and Cartwright come face to face and are seen arguing over his announcement that he will be moving in down the hall. "You are not moving in down the hall!

You are not moving in down the hall!" Cartwright proclaims. Meanwhile, he says, "Yes I am. You can't make me... Jesus Christ himself couldn't make me..."

Taylor and Cartwright previously lived together at an apartment in Los Angeles but after Taylor chose to dump Cartwright, she demanded he leave the home.

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