Bon Jovi has been forced to cancel at least two upcoming tour stops scheduled for Montreal after the nasty flu bug that has been reeking havoc across the United States for the past several months has invaded the Bon Jovi bandmates family. The official announcement was posted on April 4 on the Bon Jovi official Twitter page, stating that, unfortunately, after the band and crew members suddenly took ill with the flu, the April 4 show will be rescheduled and tickets honored on May 17 and the April 5 show on May 18.

Bon Jovi band under the weather

Bon Jovi apologized to fans for the inconvenience.

However, fans of the band well know that Jon Bon Jovi does not cancel a show unless there is absolutely no other way around it. The 2018 flu epidemic has been a dangerous one, that is for sure. Jon was forced to end a "This House Is Not For Sale" show early back in June of 2017. Despite making an attempt to tough out feeling extremely under the weather, Jon ended the Pittsburgh show early.

How will things go between Jon and Richie Sambora in Cleveland?

Dedicated fans know that Jon Bon Jovi is a perfectionist when it comes to performing so when he could not perform up to his standards he let his audience know. After attempting to rally through what clearly was taking its toll on Jon, the singer apologized to the full house of fans stating that he was sorry and knew he was "singing like s**t," but had a terrible cold and sore throat.

This time around, instead of attempting a show below his high standards, the band felt it was better to reschedule and give the fans the quality show they deserve and paid to see at a later date. Jon and the guys are scheduled to head to Cleveland on April 14 to accept their long and overdue induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

This is a dream finally come true for not only Jon Bon Jovi, David, and Tico but for fans who have stood behind the band for more than 35 years anxiously awaiting the rockers to get the recognition that they have earned and deserved long before now. As previously reported, during the Hall of Fame induction, Jon and the band will be reunited with former lead guitarist Richie Sambora for the first time since Sambora's shocking and unexpected departure from the band mid-tour in 2013.

Some fans are hopeful the reunion will bring the longtime friends/bandmates and songwriters together in all ways. Do you believe this reunion could bring the original band back together again for good, or has that ship long sailed? Get well soon Bon Jovi guys, I look forward to seeing you back on stage very soon.