April 27 is fast approaching and fans cannot help but create fascinating fan theories while waiting for the “Avengers: Infinity War” movie to be released. Of all the fan theories circulating online, one, in particular, has ignited a wild debate. One of the famous theories these days is that Tony Stark will die at the hands of Thanos.

How will Tony die in the third ‘Avengers’ film?

There are two highly possible ways to make Tony’s death a possibility in the two upcoming “Avengers” films. First, let us all remember that Thanos and his Black Order will get at least four of the Infinity Stones.

As we all know, each stone has a unique power and collectively, their destructive power is unparalleled in the whole universe. If Iron Man faces Thanos alone, it is likely that he will be defeated and subsequently die.

The next scenario is if he is forced to fight his teammates. How? The Mind Stone that is currently in the possession of The Vision has the power to corrupt a person’s mind. Perfect examples of the Mind Stone’s victims are Dr. Erik Selvig and Hawkeye. Dr. Helen Cho was also a victim. Now that Tony is not wearing his arc reactor anymore, he can now be corrupted by the Mind Stone just like anybody else.

How can Iron Man survive?

As the online theory about Tony Stark’s death gains popularity, let us list down some reasons why Iron Man won’t die in “Avengers: Infinity War.”

  1. Disney has reportedly paid Robert Downey Jr. $200 million for the role of Iron Man. Obviously, the biggest entertainment company wouldn’t want to see one of their investments go. The mere presence of RDJ in the Marvel movies attracts moviegoers.
  2. Tony Stark is one of the central characters in the Avengers. Tony Stark was the first Marvel superhero who established the MCU. Killing him in the third Avengers film will disappoint fans worldwide.
  3. Iron Man is currently the fan favorite of all Avengers characters. Iron Man’s death would surely alienate some fans. Disney and Marvel Studios surely won’t risk that kind of scenario.
  4. RDJ was recently seen at Pinewood Atlanta Studios. Pinewood Atlanta Studios is where the MCU films were filmed. The third Avengers film is definitely done and ready to be released worldwide. If Iron Man dies in the third Avengers film, why would he even go to Pinewood Atlanta Studios in the first place?
  5. RDJ still has existing contracts with Disney. It seems that Disney is not yet ready to let Robert Downey Jr. go. RDJ just signed a contract extension, either for "Iron Man 4" or an appearance in future MCU films after the fourth Avengers movie.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is definitely one of the most successful entertainment ventures in this lifetime, and, whether we like it or not, it appears that we will see more Iron Man in the future.