Catelynn Lowell recently returned from her second trip to rehab in the last few months. While she was gone and even since she's been back, Tyler Baltierra has made it clear on social media that he could use a little help for himself too. Many "Teen Mom 2" fans were surprised and relieved when a friend of Tyler suggested that he might be headed to rehab next. It turns out that's not happening though and now, Tyler spoke out himself and cleared things up.

Tyler headed to rehab?

"He isn’t opposed to it,” actor River Cabellos told Radar Online about his friend.

"I definitely think it would be beneficial. He does have a lot of unresolved issues from his past. Stuff he’s had to deal with — Catelynn, stuff at home, his father — that he’s had to put on the back burner. I could definitely see that in a good way. I think it would really help him."

Tyler Baltierra probably wouldn't be opposed to a rehab trip considering how much in-patient treatment has helped Catelynn Lowell. However, that doesn't mean that he has plans to go. It turns out that he really doesn't have a rehab trip planned but is looking for ways to receive treatment that won't force him to leave Catelynn and Nova behind.

Instead of rehab, Tyler took to Twitter and explained the treatment options he's been mulling over.

He even took the time to respond to a tweet about the rehab rumor to explain.

'Teen Mom' dad is depressed

All this talk about Tyler Baltierra going to rehab lately seems to have stemmed from his recent tweet about depression.

The "Teen Mom 2" dad shared his feelings on Twitter just days ago, telling "Teen Mom" fans that even with Catelynn sleeping next to him and Nova in the other room, he was feeling "empty" and "alone."

When Catelynn Lowell woke up the next morning and ready Tyler's tweet, she seemed shocked. She even tweeted back to her husband, offering to help him in any way she can.

While Catelynn was still in rehab, Tyler Baltierra definitely had plenty of emotional highs and lows. He managed to change his diet and lost 35 pounds while she was away. Even though he seemed pretty satisfied with his physical progress, Tyler definitely still needs to work on himself. With his dad in rehab and Catelynn Lowell fresh from hers, Tyler is dealing with a lot lately. He's stayed strong for the rest of his family even when he needed help too. Now it's Tyler's turn to get help so that he can be happy. Whichever route he chooses, whether it be rehab or another type of counseling or retreat, hopefully it will help him to feel peace.