''The Walking Dead'' Season 8 finale put the cap on a rather lengthy script. Over the last two seasons, this story of survival took a strange path as Rick Grimes' group had to deal with a crushing enemy. Negan(Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and ''The Saviors'' gave Rick a rough ride and the whole affair could have ended in a slaughter if it wasn't for Eugene(Josh McDermitt) and his need to redeem himself.

Rick Grimes(Andrew Lincoln) and Maggie Greene(Lauren Cohan) are the pivotal figures for both Hilltop and Alexandria but their alliance might be on the verge of collapse.

While Rick managed to contain his thirst for revenge and spared Negan's life as a tribute to his son Carl, Maggie is plotting, on the sideline, as the memory of Gleen being brutally bludgeoned to death is fresh in her mind.

Rick Grimes might lose the strings of the group

It's been a long journey for the former police officer. Ever since finding his way back to his family (helped by Glenn), Rick has been putting his abilities to work helping the group go through a variety of challenges.

Living in a completely different world may have serious implications on a guy's moral compass and when it comes to Rick Grimes, the ex-law enforcement officer went way outside the generally accepted boundaries.

His questionable actions drove his group into harm's way. Let's not forget that the first contact with ''The Saviors'' came as a direct result of Rick's decision to attack that outpost.

Rick had the chance to end it all by letting Negan die but his last-minute decision to save him might end up costing him the leadership of his group.

Maggie is no the only one sharing a different vision and the season finale pictured her and Jesus talking about a future plan to undermine Rick. Unexpectedly, Daryl jumped on Maggie's bandwagon along with Jesus.

Maggie might overthrow Rick Grimes

Alexandria no longer exists as a safe zone and Hilltop is a location where Maggie has more influence that Rick does.

Without a headquarter of his own, Rick might be put in a fragile spot and his latest decisions may be cause for a deeper turmoil.

It seems that we're going to witness a different kind of conflict, a rift within what was a perfectly glued group of survivors.

The relationship between Rick and Maggie goes well in the past. During the second season, Rick Grimes along with his family and other survivors bumped into a remote farm owned by Hershel Greene and his family.

Maggie and Rick teamed up for so long which makes the task to imagine a future conflict hard to comprehend. Season 9 will most likely focus on this matter now that there is no imminent threat from the outside.