Jenelle Evans' husband won't be seen on "Teen Mom 2" ever again. After David Eason's homophobic rant, MTV quickly separated themselves from the problematic reality TV husband but what about Jenelle?

Things have been quiet on the land ever since David's firing. MTV camera crews haven't been seen filming at the Eason property and with just weeks left before "Teen Mom 2" filming ends, fans of the show are wondering how this will work or if Jenelle will also be leaving the show now.

Jenelle is back on Twitter

After David Eason's drama, Jenelle Evans deactivated her Twitter account but she wasn't gone for long.

After most of the outrage died down, Jenelle came back on February 26, announcing her arrival with a tweet. While her Twitter profile still lists "Teen Mom" and MTV, we can't help but wonder if we're about to see the last of her after Season 9 is over.

Soon after announcing her return, Jenelle also made it clear that she would only be using her Twitter account to live-tweet episodes of "Teen Mom 2," when it airs. It looks like she's trying to ditch social media and instead, offer up pictures and information about herself on an app that will be launching soon.

It didn't take Jenelle long to begin tweeting and retweeting even though she said that she wouldn't.

Then Jenelle made it clear that she wouldn't be sharing articles anymore either, making many wonder what's really going on behind the scenes. Considering how she's not really friends with anyone from the show except Briana, there's really no reason why Jenelle would be worried about the others' feelings when it comes to building up her own paycheck.

Evans was recently dropped by Blue Apron after those who obviously don't care for her complained to the company about their choice to represent the brand.

Naturally, Jenelle claimed she decided not to work with them and wasn't fired. In any case, it will be very hard to land other deals like that one after David Eason's recent outburst,

Jenelle on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, Jenelle continues to be active and to share updates about her whole family, including David Eason. She lists "Reality TV" on the Instagram account but makes no mention of MTV or "Teen Mom 2," and she's still managing to cause controversy over there.

Recently, Jenelle reposted a photo of Ensley, who just turned 1-year old. It wouldn't be a big deal except that the baby is holding a toy gun in the photo. David Eason turned things up a notch by posting a couple more photos of Jenelle's son Kaiser, also posing with the toy gun.

Considering Eason's recent controversy over the Parkland, Florida school shooting, posting photos of the kids with any sort of gun definitely seems like they are trying to be controversial.

What about MTV?

So the real question now is whether or not Jenelle Evans will be fired from "Teen Mom 2?" Right now, it looks like MTV will be adding footage of Jenelle to Season 9 of the show. After that, her future is definitely in jeopardy as a reality star.

We probably won't know for sure whether or not Jenelle has been fired until after the new season is over, much like Farrah Abraham on "Teen Mom OG" recently. There were rumors about the firing all season but it wasn't until recently that it became official.

Dragging out a decision like this is great for ratings and MTV knows this. There's also a possibility that Jenelle may be invited back for more seasons if she can make it through this one without more drama. Considering how much she went through recently in such a short period of time, it's unlikely that Jenelle can manage to be controversy-free for long, though. So don't be surprised if Jenelle Evans tries to mind her manners over the next several months in an effort to hang onto her job.