Tommy Lee and his son Brandon Lee engaged in a nasty knockdown drag out a violent argument that left the former Motley Crue drummer with a bloody and swollen lip. TMZ reports that Tommy Lee was very drunk when he engaged in an argument with his 21-year-old son Brandon Lee. Things quickly escalated and according to the celebrity news site, Brandon was forced to defend himself against his father's angry outburst.

Tommy Lee claims son turned on him

It appears as if Tommy suffered the brunt of the fight according to photos he posted on his social media pages.

The drummer's lip is very puffy and he blames Brandon for the fight. Brandon Lee, 21, is the oldest of two son's Tommy shares with ex-wife Pamela Anderson. Tommy was either feeling sorry for himself or looking to gain sympathy from his followers after posting about the altercation.

Like father like son?

Tommy stated that his "heart is broken" going on to say after giving your children everything during their lives how upsetting it is when the "still turn against you."

At this time details surrounding the father/son brawl have yet to be revealed. All that is known is that a source close to Brandon has revealed that Tommy was intoxicated and that Brandon's actions were completely in self-defense.

However, the rocker has a calling out the celebrity news site different version he has tweeted.

He is calling out TMZ stating that they are wrong and that he and his fiance were in bed when all of a sudden Brandon busted into the room and assaulted him. He also claims that after telling his son to leave his house, he was knocked unconscious by him.It definetley seems there is more to this story than has been revealed.

TMZ also reports that Tommy Lee appears to have been in rare form all week long, he even spoke out against ex-Pamela Anderson's recent interview with Piers Morgan where she discussed their turbulent relationship past and present, and how she was abused by the rocker during their marriage.

The drummer posted that he was not thrilled with Pam's interview, and believes after all these years she could find something else to talk about besides the past. He ended the post...Signed, “The abuser” (who she texts every day & asks for me back.) Tommy nor his reps have responded to requests for comment on the matter. It has to have been a tough couple of weeks for Tommy, who has also been asked about another ex-wife's recent behavior.

As previously reported, Tommy Lee and former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora's ex-wife "Dynasty" star Heather Locklear made news headlines after she was arrested on domestic violence and battery against a police officer charges on February 25. It is a shame to see how alcohol and drugs can force a family apart. Hopefully, and his son Brandon Lee can find a way to work past their recent differences.

Who do you believe is to blame for this family brawl, Tommy or Brandon?