Heather Locklear (55), has battled addiction for several years. She has had problems with alcohol and prescription drugs that have been in the media several times. In 2008 Locklear checked herself in to a rehab center for the same problem as this time -- prescription drugs and alcohol abuse. That same year she was also cited for DUI (driving under the influence) and had prescription drugs on her.

Her problems didn't end there. In 2010 she again went to rehab. Her addiction continued despite her attempts at help, and in January, 2012 her sister called 911 after Locklear again mixed prescription drugs with alcohol.

That trip to the hospital landed her in the psych ward to be treated for "intense stomach pain."

Where is she now?

She has now checked into the Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center. A source revealed to Radar Online that Locklear was brought in "crying and screaming." Apparently she was high on benzos and drunk when she arrived. She was put directly into detox to get the substances out of her system. The source gave the details that she is living in a private residence with two roommates. Other than to see the doctor and be treated, she is not allowed to leave the house.

Heather Locklear has had relationship problems that didn't help. After her engagement to Jack Wagner ended suddenly she spiraled into a deep depression.

Once she was able to pull herself together and move on, she began seeing a plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc Mani. He broke the relationship off after she posted provocative pictures of her and her ex, Tommy Lee, the drummer from Motley Crue.

Concerning setbacks

There has been concern for Locklear over the past few months. In August 2016 she was spotted outside a mall near Los Angeles where she was reportedly "out of it." Shoppers reported that she looked unkempt, dazed, and had a gash on her nose.

During the summer months her family, however, reported that she was fine.

Heather Locklear has a career of accomplishments and hit shows. She is currently on "Too Close To Home" which is beginning its second season on January 4th.