Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital" was action packed as the aftermath of the earthquake caused many problems. Sonny's dad became frustrated because his medical diagnosis keeps getting in the way as Liz waited patiently in the church for word of her fiancee. Carly found herself trapped with Nelle who began having contractions, as Michael deals with a concussion. Drew and Kim rescue Joslyn and Oscar from the freezer but their son remains in critical condition as Carlys' daughter thrives. Dante's new partner continues to act like a rookie by getting on everyone's nerves as slowly all the Port Charles residents are being accounted for.

The earthquake aftermath affects all of Port Charles

Carly and Nelle had been sparring with each other when Nelle began complaining of stomach pains. Carly tries to walk her through it by asking if the contractions were regular or sporadic. She realizes Michael's baby mama is not joking and tries to calm her down. Sonny arrives and saves them and Nelle is later admitted to "General Hospital" for observation. Michael hit his head during the earthquake and Griffin also wants him to stay overnight for observation.

Drew and Kim save their son and his girlfriend but while Joslyn bounces back quickly, Oscar is still not out of the woods. Joss demands that Carly allow her to stay in the ER so she can find out what is happening to her sweetie.

Dante's new partner helps Mike get to "General Hospital" although at first, Sonny's dad is leery. He remembers their first encounter landed him in jail but this time all is well.

Jason, Sam, and Mike save Franco

Jim Harvey left Franco pinned under a cabinet after the earthquake and Mike found him on Monday. Sonny's dad was not strong enough to get him out so he went for help.

He ran into Jason And Sam and as Mike and Sam went to the church, Jason eventually found Franco and wanted to leave him there but Sam returned and convinced him to do the right thing. The actual rescue was not shown but in the next scene, Franco walks through the doors of the church where Liz has been waiting.

At this point the only Port Charles residents who are unaccounted for are Aunt Stella, Molly and T.J.

Things are not going to get much better however and all the happy reunions will be cut short, as on Wednesday there is an aftershock and Jason and Sam will be trapped together. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC to keep up with all the drama on "General Hospital."