"The Walking Dead" is receiving the Hollywood treatment. It's not being turned into a movie, though - not yet, anyway.

AMC is giving fans a unique way to take in the season finale of the show. Instead of watching it from the comfort of your own home and couch, you can head to the movie theaters to witness the grand moment. In addition to that, you'll also get to see the premiere of the next season of "Fear the Walking Dead."

What more could fans of "TWD" ask for?

'The Walking Dead' goes big

Last week, the AMC Network (where the show airs) and Fathom Events made the big announcement.

Over 750 movie theaters across the United States will be airing both the finale of the flagship program and the season premiere of "Fear the Walking Dead," which should feature some crossover between the entities for the first time. AMC, Regal, and Cinemark will host these screenings.

Tickets became available almost immediately after the announcement was made. "TWD Fan Reward Club" members had the first crack at them. Fathom Events made them available the following day. The event will take place on April 15, with fans in attendance getting access to exclusive bonus content.

Fathom Events is the company that broadcasts special screenings prior to almost every movie. They create screenings for everything from limited re-releases to stage performances and other media forms.

They will undoubtedly do a solid job of creating a memorable experience around "The Walking Dead."

Other examples

"The Walking Dead" is not the first television program to give the movies a shot. The most significant is "Game of Thrones." The HBO program brought their final two episodes of Season 4 to theaters, raking in $2 million.

Then, there's "Marvel's Inhumans." The ABC show became the first to ever make its debut in IMAX theaters before reaching broadcast television. That gave fans and critics about four weeks to discuss just how bad the show was. Sure enough, the show racked up bad ratings and even worse reviews. The show will almost definitely be canceled at some point, marking one of Marvel's biggest failures to date.

"The Walking Dead" won't run into that issue, as it's already a successful and established program. "Fear the Walking Dead" isn't as beloved, though, and is being revamped ahead of its next season. Pairing the two together is a very intentional decision. We'll find out in a month if it was the right call.