In recent months, “The Bold and the Beautiful” has seen a lot of casting changes. The most recent casting news to come from the CBS Soap Opera involves an actress’ departure. Courtney Hope, who plays Sally Spectra is leaving the show one year after her debut.

The new Sally Spectra

Courtney Hope joined “The Bold and the Beautiful” in January 2017 when she was cast as the niece and namesake of beloved "B&B" character Sally Spectra. As the new Sally Spectra, Hope portrayed the wacky and sensitive sides that the original Sally showcased throughout her reign on the series.

Joining Miss Spectra was her grandmother Shirley, sister Coco, and assistants Darlita and Saul. The introduction of the new Spectra gang caused mixed reactions. Viewers didn’t like that the producers were rewriting history when it came to the original Spectra gang. They felt the new actors didn’t fit well with the roles and sometimes their characters were too over the top wacky.

However, there were a few fans of the new Sally Spectra and her group. Fans loved seeing the battle between Sally’s fashion house and Forrester Creations. When Sally wasn’t fighting with the Forresters in one of their fashion shows, she often fought against Bill, who tried to drive Sally out of business so he could buy her building.

While Sally’s professional life could be a mess at times, her love life was thriving. She fell in love with Thomas Forrester, who supported Sally in her dream to build her fashion empire. However, their romance was short-lived when Thomas left Sally to reunite with his ex-girlfriend Caroline Spencer, who he believed was dying.

After Thomas’ departure, Sally turned her attention to a new man, Liam Spencer. Like Thomas, Liam supported Sally’s business much to the chagrin of his father Bill and his wife Steffy. The lingering romance between Sally and Liam came to a head when they were trapped in the rubble following the demolition of her building. The two shared a kiss, which caused friction between Liam and Steffy.

It looked like Sally and Liam were about to become a couple, yet the writers quickly put an end to their budding relationship when Liam’s ex Hope arrived in town.

In recent weeks, Sally became involved in a major storyline when she was named as a suspect in the shooting of Bill Spencer. While the investigation continued, Sally was reunited with Thomas, who returned to Los Angeles. He came forward regarding Caroline’s deceit and then professed his love for Sally, thus cementing a reunion between the two.

What's next for Courtney Hope?

As Sally started to be featured less on the show, viewers wondered if the character and the actress would be leaving. Yesterday, Courtney Hope confirmed rumors that she was in fact leaving.

While her "B&B" character is riding off into the sunset with Thomas, fans are curious about what’s going to happen to Courtney Hope.

Courtney Hope has proven that she’s a tremendous actress and her talent showed on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Rumors are circulating that another soap opera has Courtney on their radar. No matter what her plans are, Courtney’s fans are sure to support her wherever she goes.