On Monday, "The Bold and The Beautiful" will kick off after a car crash which shocked everyone, including Brooke. Fortunately, no one got hurt, but they have yet to know what happened during that time.

RJ and Coco decided on taking Ridge's car for a ride, and the two had a lot of fun. RJ even let Coco, who was also using her phone at the same time, drive Ridge's car. The biggest moment from last week ended with a trip to the hospital.

The teaser hints that RJ will be on the hot seat as Brooke grills him for the truth. However, he will not let Coco be in trouble.

It was despite the fact that Coco felt guilty since she was texting before the accident happened. Will RJ rat his girlfriend out? What will Brooke do if she learns the truth?

Sheila vs. Quinn: who will win?

In other "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers, Sheila reveals Quinn's secret to her husband. Quinn then talks to Katie who told her to own it all up instead of running away from the issue.

Eric will leave their home to find some solace in Sheila's arms. It seems like Sheila may have won this round. Quinn, on the other hand, only have Ridge by her side but will it ever be enough?

Caroline is back in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'

Thomas and Sally were on a roll after invading the enemy's lair.

The rival family was working on a calendar photo shoot for the latest swimsuit line of the Forrester Creations.

In addition to this, Thomas even had a chance to challenge Steffy on air, and the latter got no other choice but to accept the proposition. The two must think of new ideas on how they can overpower their rivals.

Steffy will never let them get the upper hand because she has another trick up her sleeves.

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She will ask for Bill's help to make his reunion with Caroline happen. This hints that having Caroline back in his life might pose a problem to their blossoming relationship.

Caroline and her son Douglas are back to get Thomas back. However, she will then learn that her ex already moved on with another woman. Is he going to break up with Sally to reunite with his family?

What's next for Sally?

Linsey Godfrey last appeared in 2016, and it took awhile before her character will be seen again. She then teased about Caroline last May. Unfortunately, her arrival might be a short one, but she expressed her gratitude for letting her come back to the show.

“It’s one thing to come in and visit, but to get to play with them, that felt great," Linsey Godfrey told Soap Opera Digest before thanking her fans who loved her character. "I’m very excited that it happened to be more than one.”

That's it for the latest news and spoilers on "The Bold and the Beautiful."