Let's face it. Tyrion Lannister is not what he used to be. There was once a time in "Game of Thrones" when he was the epicenter of the story. But in the last two seasons, that simply wasn't the case. Ever since he became Daenerys' right-hand man, it's almost as if he has been reduced to a supporting character. Sure, not everyone can fight in glorious battles and ride fire-breathing beasts, but I think we can all agree that our favorite "drinker and knower of things" hasn't reached his full potential yet. And that is just a matter of time before the showrunners give Tyrion something interesting to do.

According to today's theory (March 10), not only will Tyrion Lannister return to his glory as one of the best, if not the best-written character in "Game of Thrones," but he could even turn out to be the hero of the whole story. But not the kind of hero everyone would expect him to be. It's not like he will be killing the Night King or any of the White Walkers for that matter, but he might just very well be one of the few characters left standing when all the fighting is done.

Is Tyrion in love with Daenerys?

He most definitely is. Have you forgotten the look on Tyrion's face when Jon Snow entered Daenerys' cabin? That was the look of a jealous man. And you know what happened when Daenerys told Tyrion that she got rid of Daario at the end of "Game of Thrones" Season 6?

Take a look at the clip below.

"He wasn't the first to love you, and he won't be the last," Tyrion said to Daenerys with a longing look on his face. That right there, along with his facial expression from Season 7 finale straight out tells us that Tyrion has feelings for the Dragon Queen.

The forging of Tyrion's Lightbringer

You are all very well aware of the prophecy that Azor Ahai will come again to forge Lightbringer and defeat the darkness once again. The prophecies, however, are not to be taken literally. And in this case, forging the hero's sword might as well be a metaphor for something else. According to one theory, Tyrion's story symbolically represents the forging of Lightbringer with the sword being the hero's character.

Let's explain.

Azor Ahai first tried to temper the steel into the water, but the sword broke. And Tyrion's character was tested after the Battle of Backwater Bay where he lost all the power in the city. The second time Azor Ahai drove the sword into the heart of the lion, but once again, the sword shattered. The lion in our story could only be Tywin Lannister whom Tyrion killed. And after that, Tyrion's spirit was broken, just like the sword once was.

Then, as we all know, Azor Ahai called out his wife Nissa Nissa and shoved the sword right into her chest. All her courage went into the steel, and the Lightbringer was finally forged. And according to this theory, Tyrion's Nissa Nissa will be none other than Daenerys Targaryen.

Fast forward to 'Game of Thrones' Season 8

Spoiler warning: If you are not up to date with "Game of Thrones" Season 8 filming news, and you want to stay completely in the dark, don't proceed with the article.

Judging by the list of Season 8's directors and set leaks, it's safe to say that Battle at Winterfell against the Night King's army will take place in Episode 3, and we also know that Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister will meet at some point (probably Episode 4, or 5).

It is our belief that the Night King will be victorious at Winterfell, but some of the main characters will be able to escape on the back of the dragon. Jon, Jaime, the Hound, and possibly Brienne will then go to King's Landing to ask Cersei for help, while Daenerys and Tyrion will stay behind.

Bran, on the other hand, will head straight to the Isle of Faces to find out more about how to defeat the Night King.

In our "Jon Snow's final suicide mission" article, we talked about Jon Snow's imprisonment and death, and about Jaime fulfilling the "Valonqar" prophecy by choking the life from Cersei. Amidst all the chaos, Jaime, Brienne, and the Hound will then fight Cersei's Queensguard. The Hound will be able to kill his brother, but not before the Mountain kills Jaime first. Jaime will, of course, die in the arms of Brienne, the woman he loves. By this time, the entire Army of the Dead, except for the Night King will reach King's Landing.

Tyrion's role

After Jon Snow's imprisonment, Cersei will send word to Daenerys and Tyrion to come to King's Landing and surrender.

That's precisely what they are going to do. However, when Cersei decides to kill Jon Snow anyway, Daenerys will completely lose control. She'll mount Drogon with a clear goal to burn the whole city to the ground, and everyone in it, the living and the dead.

Tyrion will try to convince her to just take the Iron Throne, but Daenerys won't listen as she is determined to just kill everyone, including the innocent. Then, realizing how mad Daenerys is at this point, Tyrion will decide to just kill her, and save the city from yet another Mad Queen, despite the fact that he loves her.

Tyrion Lannister will stand tall as a king

Once Tyrion kills Daenerys, the whole Army of the Dead will suddenly be destroyed.


In our "The Night King will save mankind" article, we talked about how the Night King will kill Bran at the Isle of Faces. For that was his goal this whole time. As a result, the Night King himself will be destroyed, as so will the entire Army of the Dead. Click here to find out more about that.

However, people of Westeros will never know what really destroyed the undead army. But they will think that happened because Tyrion killed the Mad Dragon Queen. That's how the once hated "imp" will now be the celebrated hero, Azor Ahai reborn, who saved mankind from complete destruction. People will proclaim him the king, and he will rule the Seven Kingdoms with Sansa by his side, uniting the houses of Stark and Lannister.