The relationship between Donald Trump and the majority of celebrities out in Hollywood is well-documented. Out of all the stars who oppose the president, Alec Baldwin is at the top of the list and doesn't hold back his feelings about the current administration.

Baldwin on Trump

After Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, he quickly got on the wrong side of many Americans after referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." For the more liberal-leaning Hollywood, Trump's comments represented the hate and division of the political right, only adding to the wide divide in the country.

Following Trump's primary victory, "Saturday Night Live" brought on veteran actor Alec Baldwin to play a satirical role of the billionaire real estate mogul, resulting in multiple social media outbursts from Trump.

Since being sworn into office just over a year ago, Donald Trump has been surrounded by a constant stream of controversy and scandals, with the current investigation into Russian election interference remaining the biggest headline. While Trump continues to deny any wrongdoing, Baldwin decided to sound off about the president and his entire family with a tweet on March 10.

"Trump says Mueller is a 'distraction for the country.' Bullsh*t," Baldwin tweeted, referring to the Russian investigation as "the greatest show on Earth."

"Trump is s vile, lying, stealing maniac," Alec Baldwin went on to tweet, before adding, "We want Trump gone. And his whole rotten family." Not stopping there, the "SNL" star concluded that "Mueller is doing God’s work."

Baldwin vs Trump

Following Alec Baldwin's debut as a fictional Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live," the show quickly saw an increase in ratings, much to the chagrin of the commander in chief.

Baldwin's performance received rave reviews, resulting in an Emmy Award earlier this year. While many loved Baldwin's portrayal, Trump wasn't pleased, bashing the actor on a routine basis on social media. Though Trump hasn't been as vocal on the issue since taking office, he did lash out about Baldwin last week in yet another tirade on Twitter.

Russian trouble

Alec Baldwin's remarks about Robert Mueller stem from the ongoing investigation into what Russia's role was in the hacking of the 2016 election, and what potential link the Kremlin had to the Trump campaign. As of press time, several past and current associates of the president have been tied to Russia, with some even being indicted in the process.