Kylie Jenner is in a happy place right now, the 20-year-old is not only successful professionally but is also doing great personally. As we all know, Kylie gave birth to a baby girl (Stormi Webster) on February 1, and ever since then, she has managed to be in the news. The younger Jenner is doing great as a mother and wants the best for her little munchkin. But seems like that's not what the baby's daddy Travis Scott wants from Kylie.

Why Kylie Jenner said no?

Confused? Well, let's make this simple for you. As we all know, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott enjoyed a romantic getaway in Miami and were all over each other during the holiday.

Well, reports from Hollywood Gossip suggest that Travis Scott, 25, proposed to Kylie Jenner, 20, for her hand in marriage in Miami. Shocked? So are we! But you know what's even more shocking? it's the that Kylie turned down his marriage proposal. Yes, you got that right.

Kylie wants to marry Travis Scott since she's in love with him, but according to her, it's not the right time! Kylie wants to take things to another level, but slowly and hence she doesn't want to marry Travis at this early age. It's also said that Kylie often consults her elder sisters and especially Khloe Kardashian in such matters. And all of them have told her to take it slow.

More on Travis and Kylie

Khloe is, in fact, encouraging her to take things slowly and with this, we also understand why Kylie wants to take little steps for a better future.

Kylie and Travis have been seeing each other for less than a year now and she wants to make every moment worthwhile. She wants to get to know Travis as much as possible. Well, I must say Kylie Jenner is very smart and matured for her age, isn't she?

With this, one thing is clear - that both of them are deeply in love with each other, since just yesterday Kylie posted a picture on her Snapchat which obviously had to do something with Travis Scott.

Kylie posted a picture of her wearing a diamond ring with Travis's initials. Marriage or no marriage, Kylie Jenner is taken you guys, and now all we have to wait is for this little Jenner to get hitched to her baby's daddy Travis Scott. Meanwhile, According to DailyMail, "The makeup mogul, 20, revealed the photos of MJ looking adoringly at Stormi with the caption: 'I mean..

does it get any better than this?" She also revealed that "'We thought we were gonna have a boy! I was soooo surprised!" Now only time will tell when Kylie gets married to Travis. Stay tuned for more updates on Kardashian family.