Kylie Jenner's pregnancy rumors shook the world, the 20-year-old star confirmed the news with a YouTube video, "To Our Daughter." It was in the video, where we saw Kylie's pregnancy stages and things she went through in those nine months. Kylie, 20, had this baby with now longtime beau and rapper, Travis Scott, 25. She named her daughter Stormi Webster and just like her mom Kylie, Stormi too became an overnight internet sensation. Recently, Kylie has shared a number of pictures of her baby on social media.

The new picture of baby Stormi

Adorable pictures of her tiny hands and legs have won our hearts.

Kylie is a social media star that makes sure to engage us every day by posting some cute pictures of her little one. While her previous pictures are too cute to be missed, this recent one is adorable in every way.

Dressed in a pink knit onesie, complete with a hood, Stormi is sound asleep in the snap. Kylie posted this picture without a caption. Stormi looks like an angel and it seems like the five-week-old has already made her 20-year-old mom very proud. The entire Jenner-Kardashian clan simply adores Stormi. Captioning it, “I mean … does it get any better than this?” Kylie shared an image of her grandmother Mary Jo “M.J.” Houghton cuddling with little baby Stormi.

Baby Stormi turns six-weeks-old today the entire clan adores the little munchkin very much.

Kylie's older sister and supermodel Kendall Jenner recently mentioned, in her Vogue interview, that Stormi's birth has reinforced the bond between the siblings. She went on saying that it's exciting because Kylie is her baby sister who she grew up with, so seeing her as a mother makes her quite happy. According to E-online, Jenner described the experience as "perfect" and admitted there "really was no worst part" about carrying her baby girl, but did say she missed eating sushi."

Kylie's happiness

Kylie is really happy with how things are unfolding in her life.

And the cosmetic queen was recently seen enjoying a romantic getaway in Miami with her baby's daddy Travis Scott and they were all over each other during the holiday. It was also reported that Travis Scott proposed Kylie Jenner for marriage in Miami. But Kylie who wants to take things slow rejected the marriage proposal for the time being.

She wants to get married to Travis, but not right now. As per the sources, Kylie just wants to focus on her baby and career for now. We wish Kylie all the best with everything in her life. For more entertainment updates, stay tuned.