Original "Teen Mom" Maci Bookout introduced the world to the five young moms of MTV's new series "Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant" last week on the "Meet the New Moms" special. The special offered viewers a sneak peek of the upcoming series one week ahead of its premiere, and featured lots of drama and some advice from Maci.

'Young + Pregnant' is the latest in the MTV saga

MTV's groundbreaking documentary series "16 And Pregnant" premiered nearly nine years ago, drawing audiences in with its real depiction of life as a teen mom, and even turning into a multi-season spin off, following some of its most relatable and intriguing cast members as their families continue to grow.

After the continuing success of "Teen Mom," MTV is going back to the beginning with a slightly fresh take on "16 and Pregnant." This time the five new moms range in age from 17-21, and we even see a transgender dad.

In the "Meet the New Moms" special, "Teen Mom OG" stat Maci Bookout introduced viewers to new moms Ashley, Jade, Brianna, Kayla and Lexi. From breakups and financial woes to screaming matches with partners and parents alike, it seems that all of the old familiar drama will be back -- and Maci isn't afraid to impart her wisdom on the new moms.

Maci shares her thoughts

One of the most likeable Teen Moms, Maci narrates the "Meet the New Moms" special, introducing viewers to the new moms and sharing some of her own past experiences and insights.

Viewers even get to see some flashback footage of Maci in her "16 and Pregnant" days, the struggles she experienced with Bentley's dad Ryan Edwards, and how she dealt with having the whole world watch. It's easy to see how much Maci has learned and matured since her days on the show, and fans can only hope the new moms will learn from her.

Maci speaks up on the girls' relationships, having had experience with an unhealthy young relationship herself. Viewers see old footage of Maci and Ryan discussing their unhealthy relationship during "16 and Pregnant." We see a similar situation unfolding for new mom Kayla, 20, and her boyfriend Stephan. In a special sneak peek, Kayla tells viewers that Stephan cheated on her, and cameras show tensions rising as Stephan lashes out at Kayla and her mother.

Maci tells viewers she relates to Kayla's struggle of wanting to keep a young family together but "staying together is unhealthy for everyone involved." The new series will give viewers a closer look into how Kayla and Stephan's relationship progresses and if they take Maci's advice. We will also see how the other four moms fare as they take on everything being a young mom entails.

With lots of sneak peeks of the new series, the "Meet the New Moms" special shows us that not much has changed: being young and pregnant is still hard, still full of drama, and still drawing audiences.

"Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant" premieres March 12 on MTV.