Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are a match made in reality television heaven. Their story garnered a lot of attention earlier this year when “Teen Mom OG” fans saw a disturbing scene. For months prior to revelations of drug use, Edwards was talked about widely. His behavior was scary, and his disappearing acts were like no other. Standifer stood by her man through it all, but it took a toll on her psyche as well. The two were married in a quickie ceremony back in May, which is when the footage that rocked America was shot. Ryan was driving himself and Mackenzie to their ceremony, and he was higher than a kite.

That was a pivotal moment in their relationship, and shortly after, he entered rehab.

Ryan's drug of choice revealed as heroin

While Ryan Edwards was in rehab, Mackenzie Standifer was with him. They chose a facility in Dallas, and she moved there with him while he sought help. For several weeks after “Teen Mom OG” aired the footage of Edwards driving high, there were no answers. Initially, it was believed he was addicted to something like Xanax because Standifer mentioned that during the footage that was shown. Unfortunately, it was revealed that Ryan was using heroin and spending upwards of $10k a week to get his fix. There were a lot of questions about how no one noticed that kind of money being taken at that rate, but Standifer still denies any knowledge of Edwards' problem.

According to Radar Online, Mackenzie Standifer is worried about Ryan Edwards relapsing. She revealed on last night's episode of “Teen Mom OG” that he has been short-tempered with her. This has put some doubt in her mind about whether or not he has the potential to remain sober. Standifer is walking on eggshells so that she doesn't trigger him.

Their marriage has been plagued with heavy issues since the beginning, and now, the fear of a relapse is overtaking Mackenzie's emotions.

The future

Right now, it appears Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are doing well. They ended up havng another wedding ceremony, one where their friends and family actually got to be there.

It appears that Edwards has remained sober, though some “Teen Mom OG” fans aren't sure that is truly the case. In fact, the troubling response he gave to the cameras when talking about Maci Bookout wanting him to take a drug test to see Bentley threw up red flags. Standifer will likely worry about Edwards for several years to come. This is the life she chose, and now, she has to ride it out.