Tony Toutouni is living the good life and he loves to show it all off on Instagram.By the look of it, people really enjoy watching Tony live the good life because his Instagram account boasts more than 1.5 million followers. They often tune in to see the luxury and oftentimes debauchery that sets Toutouni apart from other social media influencers. There's also often a lesson or two to be learned and Tony isn't shy about offering up advice to others who want to grow their social media accounts and become an influencer like he is.

Toutouni on being the 'King of Instagram'

When asked how it feels to be the new "King of Instagram," Toutouni said, "I don't consider myself to be the king of anything so that's a hard question to answer. I've tried to keep my life private lately because of the negative exposure from hateful people."

Truly there are a lot of social media trolls out there and it seems that they hate to see someone else living it up. Can you really blame Tony Toutouni for wanting to go under the radar a bit? Even Kim Kardashian backed off from social media after she was robbed in Paris.

Even with the warning that haters will come after you once you start being successful on social media, there will be people who still want to be Instagram famous.

To them, Tony has some advice.

"My advice for people who want to be like me is to focus and understand the best elements in which made me successful,” Toutouni said. "Being successful requires an exceptional drive focused on a goal, knowing there will be obstacles ahead. Although this may sound easy, it's exceptionally hard when you start from zero but there are plenty of people with money who will invest in individuals who prove to be driven, intelligent and trustworthy.”

Tony shares his secret to success

"I got to where I am in life from many different factors however I will always believe my drive, personality, and acceptance of failure have been the main elements," Tony explained.

"When I was 14 years old I had a picture of a Porsche in my bedroom. I would stare at it every night, start thinking and write different ideas that I felt will generate enough income to allow me to purchase that car."

It turns out, Tony Toutouni was able to turn that picture of a Porsche into the real thing. Plus, he did it at a long younger of an age than most.

Then, he proved to still have the drive to succeed by setting even more goals to accomplish and then crushing them.

"At 18, I purchased that same exact Porsche and then set higher goals and kept focused regardless of downfalls. My personality allowed me to meet interesting people who not only believed in me but enjoyed doing business with me. To me, it's not just making money but also enjoying life as well. You can have all the money in the world yet still not be rich in my books if you're not enjoying life On Instagram I started to gain many followers by posting pictures of my lifestyle. Being a very close friend of Dan Bilzerian was another factor. In 2017 I married my wife and decided to keep most of my personal life private so I haven't been active on social media.

I have been again focused on my real estate developments and in search of new ideas and businesses to acquire."

Even though Tony Toutouni hasn't been as active on Instagram as he was in the past, he'll certainly still be successful in whatever he does. His mindset won't allow him not to be. While he admits to being much more private since getting married last year, it's clear that Toutouni is still a major Instagram influencer and a great example for those who want advice on how to build their own brand and be successful.