As the drama surrounding the alleged affair between Donald Trump and adult film star Stormy Daniels heats up, new information becomes available and it's not good news for the president. Following their reported affair, Daniels took a lie detector and passed with no issues.

Stormy's lie detector

It was earlier this year when news broke about an affair between Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels, the popular adult film star who has since become a household name.

The relationship between the two was reported to have taken place for a year in 2006, just after Trump's marriage to Melania Trump and around the time she gave birth to their son Barron. Unlike previous allegations of infidelity or sexual misconduct, Trump has not publicly addressed the Daniels reports.

In recent weeks, Stormy Daniels has created an even bigger headache for the White House by filing a lawsuit over the controversial nondisclosure agreement that was put in place to keep her quiet about the affair during the 2016 election.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, and later Raw Story, on March 20, Daniels, under her real name of Stephanie Clifford, took a Lie Detector Test in 2011 and was pressed on whether or not she had a sexual relationship with Trump. The test concluded that "Ms. Clifford is truthful about having unprotected vaginal inter-course with Donald Trump in July 2006." As of press time, neither Trump himself nor the White House have responded to the latest news.

Instant reaction

After the news broke of Stormy Daniels passing a lie detector test about her reported affair with Donald Trump, social media quickly hit back with mockery. "TBH, being involved with Trump is more of a stain to Stormy Daniels' reputation than the other way around," one tweet read.

"Hmm...a president INVOLVED with a "p*rn star" is the main point and embarrassing," a Twitter user wrote.

"Looks like Donny Jr. is already working on his infidelity. Like father like son," another tweet added in reference to Donald Trump Jr's alleged affair with singer Aubrey O'Day.

"It’s not about the s*x. It’s about the cover-up, the intimidation, the lies, the manipulation AND the breach of campaign finance law. Same when Clinton did it. It was the lying. No one gives sh*t about s*x. Unless kids involved IE: Roy Moore," yet another tweet stated. The backlash continued as the story linking Donald Trump to an adult film star heats up and puts more pressure on the president, his administration, and his private life.