Even when the show is not filming the Bravo cameras still manage to capture some "Vanderpump Rules" drama. Reality stars stassi schroeder and Brittany Cartwright both appeared on last night's March 19th episode of "Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live." Both girls looked stunning, with their looks done by famous Bravo hair and makeup gurus Julius McHale and Priscilla DiStasio, as they geared up for the live program. Guests of the show are often accustomed to answering any questions Cohen or fans throw at them.

Schroeder got an interesting fan question

One fan called in and asked what she thinks of her co-star Scheana Shay's new podcast. In a video posted on the "Watch What Happens Live" Twitter page, Schroeder takes a quick pause and smiles before answering. She goes on to reply "Cute...I have not listened to it, honestly. It's obviously annoying to hear."

Members of team Stassi are loving Schroeder's subtle shade towards Shay. As many people know, Schroeder has a successful podcast of her own called "Straight Up with Stassi" which she has been hosting and producing since 2015. Now it appears that her co-star is attempting to compete with her in the podcast world. Based on Schroeder's reaction, though, she does not seem worried and Shay has yet to comment back.

On this season of the show, Shay has been getting some backlash on social media for constantly talking about her relationship and moving on so quickly with then-boyfriend Rob Valletta. Viewers of the show have called her desperate and delusional. The two have since broken up but Shay's friends (and enemies) seem irritated on camera with her being so vocal and bragging about her first relationship post-separation from her husband Mike Shay. It seems like Schroeder's "annoying" comment could be in reference to all of this.

Friends or enemies?

As loyal "Vanderpump Rules" fans know, Schroeder and Shay have a bit of a rocky friendship history. When Shay first started working at SUR with the rest of the cast during season one, Schroeder was not a fan of the new waitress and for years the two took digs at each other on-screen. It was not until last season that the two finally seemed to be on the same wavelength and friendly with each other.

But friendships seem to change with the seasons on this reality show and currently during season six the two stars are on the outs once again. Shay is also on the outs with Schroeder's best friends, Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney-Schwartz. Shay also does not seem to be a fan of her close friend Lala Kent becoming close with the three girls.

Recently on social media, the former enemies have been posting a lot together. And on last night's "Vanderpump Rules" episode Kent was getting along quite well with Schroeder, who is even planning an event for her new friend.

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