One of the most amazing and surprising scenes of "Dragon Ball Super" was seen in episode 130. An episode that, until minute 21:12 was epic, but not unforgettable. However, from that minute on, the euphoria of the fans was unleashed, since, in one incredible scene, Frieza showed up, saving Goku, but even more incredible was what happened next -- Android 17 showed up, proving that he was still alive.

The truth about Android 17

After trying to self-destruct in order to generate an explosion big enough to stop Jiren's energy, Android 17 was badly hurt, making the others think he was dead.

However, this character is a modified human. The biggest modification he underwent was that they implanted a core of infinite energy inside him.

This energy gives him many unique abilities. The reason why he survived the amazing collisions between Jiren and Goku, leading to the destruction of the platform, and to him being buried in debris, is that Android 17 has great vitality thanks to the core of infinite energy inside him. We can see something similar with the Namek warriors from Universe 6. These Namek warriors, being fused with so many individuals, the union of so many lives gives them great vitality, allowing them to withstand direct attacks like the Kamehameha. With Android 17 something similar happened.

Official explanation

Unfortunately, it has not been officially explained how number 17 may have survived after self-destruction. According to the words of the same character, he decided to take risks and was lucky to survive. However, this doesn’t explain anything. According to Official information, the explanation given above is the closest to the official one.

This explanation would also solve the mystery of why number 17 and number 18 do not age. This is because their infinite energy renews their cells by slowing down the aging process

On Saturday, March 24, episode 131 will be released. In this episode, Android 17 and Frieza will face Jiren in the final battle of the tournament.

Goku will recover and help them defeat the mighty warrior from Universe 11. On the other hand, the tournament will end and it is estimated that Universe 7 will win the tournament and will appeal to the Super Spheres of the Dragon. After this, "Dragon Ball Super" will conclude for the moment until further notice.

So far, this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more information, we will be communicating it as soon as possible.