Over the last month, five explosions have taken place in Texas with the latest occurring in San Antonio after four previous bombings happened in Austin. On Tuesday morning, Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke out about the incidents, but her message didn't go over too well with critics of the administration.

Sanders on Texas bombings

It started on March 2 when a package was opened at a private residence in Austin, Texas resulting in the death of one individual.

Ten days later on March 12, another package was opened up in Austin, this time killing one and injuring another. Just hours later and only a few miles apart, a third package was opened. No deaths occurred, but one person had been left injured. This past Sunday near a road in Travis County, a package was opened up injuring two others. Fast forward to present day in San Antonio and a FedEx employee was injured after a package exploded at the ground sorting facility.

Donald Trump has not spoken out about any of these incidents, but White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the issue during a tweet on March 20, relaying a message from the president in the process.

"POTUS mourns for victims of the recent bombings in Austin," Sanders tweeted.

"We are monitoring the situation, federal authorities are coordinating w/local officials," Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on to add. "We are committed to bringing perpetrators of these heinous acts to justice," Sanders wrote, before concluding, "There is no apparent nexus to terrorism at this time."

Instant backlash

Just minutes after Sarah Huckabee Sanders sent out her tweet about the explosions and bombs in Texas, those who oppose the administration didn't take long to hit back.

"Hi! Hey, serial bombing *is* terrorism. It doesn't have to be officially perpetrated by non-Christian extremists of non-Caucasian descent to be termed as such, m'kay? You're welcome," one tweet read.

"POTUS mourning?

Pictures or it never happened!" a Twitter user wrote. "How are bombings across Texas not terrorism, you insufferable idiot?" a tweet asked. "Can you tell him to tweet about that instead of Fox and Friends and crying about Witches?" an additional tweet wondered.

"People are terrorized.

People are hiding in their homes. Community is on edge. There's your 'nexus,'" a social media user wrote. "My granddaughter lives in Austin. She told me yesterday that they were 'freaking out' after trip wire bombing. That's 'terrorism,'" a tweet went on to read.