Despite a ton of hype behind Season 10 of "Real Housewives of Atlanta," the show itself has been less than stellar this time around. It turns out that bringing back as many of the OG "RHOA" stars wasn't that great of an idea and now, it's time to clean up and start thinking about the next season.

While there are rumors that many heads will roll when "RHOA" production starts working on Season 11, there is one name that has come up over and over. Kenya Moore.

Is Kenya Moore really fired from 'RHOA?'

When Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak started beefing a few months back, Kim started dropping hints that Kenya was fired from the show.

Naturally, Kenya denied them and "Real Housewives of Atlanta" kept airing episodes that included the controversial beauty queen turned reality star.

Now, as "RHOA" is nearing the end of Season 10, rumors that Kenya Moore is fired keep getting stronger. While they obviously aren't going to pull Kenya from scenes she's already filmed, it looks like she really might not be coming back after the season ends.

According to a new report from Radar Online, "RHOA" producers are so over Kenya Moore that they are currently looking for her replacement. Apparently, there has just been too many issues with Kenya during the past season and they don't want to continue on.

Why would Kenya get booted?

Kenya Moore wasn't invited on the girls' trip to Barcelona because of her antics.

It was reported that producers decided not to take Kenya along which also meant she wasn't paid for filming the Spain trip. That reportedly cost Kenya $100,000 in payments that she would have received had she gone on the trip.

It turns out that producers are still upset that Kenya got married to Marc Daly without telling anyone and without giving them the option to film.

Kenya went through some major life changes over the past year and much of that would have made for an amazing "RHOA" storyline.

There have been other issues with Kenya throughout the season. Like when they had to recreate the time Kenya told her dad that she got married. Kenya made a few demands about that which didn't sit well with production.

Rather than letting the franchise cash in on her nuptials and everything else she's been quietly doing, Kenya decided to keep it all private. While that's certainly her choice, it doesn't make for good reality TV. Allowing her to remain on the show after refusing to open up her private life for the cameras also sets a bad example for other women on the show. After all, if Bravo lets Kenya get away with it, the floodgates will open up and other housewives will start making demands about what drama they will and won't show. That could spell disaster for the "Real Housewives" franchise.

Rather than promote someone else, say Kim Zolciak, to full-time status, it looks like "RHOA" producers are ready to introduce someone new.

That's probably a good thing since bringing back Kim and NeNe Leakes hasn't really proved all that exciting in Season 10.

"They want [a] new Housewives of Atlanta and they are already testing a few ladies," a source told Radar On. "They're going to make the official call about Kenya and the other ladies right after the reunion."

It looks like there might be a big shakeup coming to the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast. If so, I'm here for it. Who else do you think should be replaced for Season 11?