There’s always excitement when pregnancy news crops up on the MTV reality show “Teen Mom 2” and the latest news is no exception. Chelsea Houska has recently shared a photo of her Baby Bump and her third child is apparently going to be a girl. She has also revealed the expected arrival date of her new baby daughter.

'Teen Mom 2' star Chelsea Houska hit Twitter with a baby bump photo

Social media went wild when “Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea made the announcement of her latest pregnancy and the very next day went crazy again, as she shared an image showing her baby bump to her fans on Instagram.In a report by US Magazine they quoted 26-year-old Houska as thanking all her fans in a March 16 tweet, saying she was overwhelmed by all the kindness and support that her little family was receiving from everyone.

Houska thanks her 'Teen Mom 2' fans for their support

She went on to say it means the world to them and that they are very grateful. Chelsea went on to announce that this was the “wittle bump” that all her fans had been asking about, saying that so far the pregnancy has been a breeze and how good she was feeling.

She originally broke the news along with hubby Cole DeBoer on March 15 to say they were expecting a baby girl. In her Instagram post at the time she say a “sweet baby girl” would soon be joining the DeBoer family and they could not be more excited, sharing an image of the ultrasound.

Happy DeBoer family has been married since October 2016

Cole and the MTV star were married in October 2016 and went on to welcome their son Waston during January 2017. The loving couple also shares Chelsea’s daughter Aubree, 8, who she shared with her former boyfriend Adam Lind. The DeBoer family couldn’t be more happy to look forward to another daughter.

Houska told MTV News Thursday that her daughter Aubree had been so good at keeping the secret of her future sibling, but said on Monday when she goes to school she is going to tell the world, yelling out the news in the hallways.

Chelsea reveals the due date for her new baby girl

Chelsea also revealed in the comments to her Twitter post that the Due Date of her baby is in September.

However she believes the baby might arrive in August as she always tends to give birth a few weeks early. She said everyone will have to wait and see.

Speaking of her fashion choice during her pregnancy, she said so far she tends to wear hoodies and leggings as its cold in South Dakota right now. She says everyone will have to wait and see what she wears in summer, adding that she had been miserable during summer while pregnant with daughter Aubree.

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