It's been almost a month since the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, and the story is starting to drift from the headlines. Despite this, an outspoken student survivor from Parkland, in addition to some top names in Hollywood and the world of sports are not taking their foot off the gas.

Parkland vs NRA

It was on Valentine's Day when 19-year-old Nikolas Jacob Cruz walked into the hallways of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Over the course of the next few minutes, Cruz opened fire before being taken into custody by law enforcement. By the end of the rampage, 17 people were killed, with many others left inured. The shooting sparked a national debate over gun control, with many students from Parkland becoming outspoken in their demand for reform. Hollywood Stars and athletes quickly came to their defense, using their own popularity to help promote the student's cause.

While Republican Florida Gov.

Rick Scott did sign a bill last week to raise the age of purchasing a firearm, gun control advocates don't believe that's enough, which was evident when Parkland student David Hogg and his celebrity supporters sent out several tweets calling out the NRA and Republican politicians who continue to take their donations. "DO NOT FORGET they Marco Rubio, Gov.

Rick Scott are STILL taking money from the NRA the only reason they took action is because we did," Hogg tweeted, before adding, "GOOD JOB to everyone that has stood with us since the beginning this is a small step in a huge movement." "But don't be fooled the first chance they get they can and they will try making more lax gun laws to bow to the NRA," Hogg added in a follow-up tweet.

While Hogg has been vocal, other Parkland students like Cameron Kasky and Emma Gonzalez have also used their recent popularity to help push for gun reform.

Stars speak

In addition to David Hogg pushing the cause of gun reform, many stars in Hollywood have joined in with him. "Sure, people are ready to take up arms if the government even hints folks ought to give up some of their most dangerous semi-automatic guns. But the government comes and takes a whole HOUR away from most of us, and we’re supposed to just accept it lying down?!" actor George Takei tweeted out.

"Hey kids, The Stoneman Douglas shootings are off the front page, and the NRA sweethearts are starting to relax.

Starting to tell each other, 'We got through this before, we'll get through it this time.' Don’t let them do it," author Stephen King posted. "Miami: if you’re out for ArtWalk tonight - stop by our 17 hour commemorative exhibition honoring the 17 lives lost...going on today until midnight and tmr from 12-5pm. Time to pick up the phone and make some calls!! Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade added.

"Could the NRA be more despicable?" actress Mia Farrow tweeted out. The backlash continued as the opposition to the NRA showed no signs of coming to an end anytime soon.