Ever since Oprah Winfrey made her well-received speech at the Golden Globes earlier this year, her name has been mentioned as a possible 2020 challenger to Donald Trump. One of the president's sons was critical of Oprah, but has since used her image to promote his father's administration in recent days.

Donnie on Oprah

The relationship between Donald Trump and many celebrities is not a secret and it's well-known that both sides don't see eye to eye.

Names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alec Baldwin have engaged in various war or words with the president, as Trump has used his social media following to spark anger among his core supporters. One name that has gotten on the nerves of Trump as of late has been Oprah Winfrey, which started after her speech at the Golden Globes. Calls for an Oprah presidential run became headlines news, resulting in even Trump lashing out on Twitter.

Donald Trump's son, Donald Jr., has expressed his thoughts about Oprah Winfrey, but has recently used images of the popular former talk show host to help promote his father's administration.

Earlier this week, Donald Jr. posted an old video clip of his dad being interviewed back in the 1980s by Oprah, while gloating about the current state of the presidency. In a post sent out on March 10, the younger Trump re-tweeted a popular meme of Oprah where she is shown giving away items to her studio audience. "And you get a job, and you get a job, and you get a job etc etc...Thanks," Don Jr.

tweeted out along with the aforementioned image.

Twitter backlash

Following Donald Trump Jr's Oprah meme tweet, critics of the president fired back at the younger Trump.

"...and you get an indictment, and you get an indictment, and you get an indictment, etc. Woo Hoo!" a tweet read while attaching a picture of Russian investigation special counsel Robert Mueller.

"And you go to prison, and you go to prison, and you go to prison etc etc... Thanks Bob Mueller!" another Twitter user wrote using a photoshopped image of the White House staff in prison.

"You meet an oligarch, and you meet an oligarch, and you meet an oligarch...(Behind the scene instructions at Trump campaign family dinners)" an additional tweet stated.

"Doesn't change that y'all broke the law...many laws and soon Muller is coming for the t family. Don't get points for jobs," an additional tweet went on to say. "How many WH staffers are out of a job, indicted, or about to be?" a social media user wondered.