Scott Baio’s wife Renee revealed on Twitter that she has been diagnosed with a microvascular brain disease. Baio found out about the condition in October, also learning she had two brain tumors. The "Happy Days" star confirmed the news and is supporting his wife, and has said on Twitter that Renee is his rock and soulmate, and the toughest person he knows.

Microvascular brain disease affects blood vessels in the brain that are often correlated with serious illnesses such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, and hypertension. Sometimes as a result of this disease, symptoms can sometimes include strokes.

However, some patients have reported not having any symptoms. Most often it’s elderly adults who are diagnosed with this disease. It’s often first diagnosed during MRI scans for other medical conditions.

Baio family advocating for screenings at birth

The Baio family have been a strong advocate for raising awareness of diseases. NY Daily News reports that Baio’s daughter was previously misdiagnosed with glutaric acidemia type 1. The Baio family founded the The Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, which advocates for legislation that makes screenings mandatory at birth. Renee has always been vocal about her health struggle with two brain tumors.

In 1992, while working as a stuntwoman, Renee had a serious brain injury because of a jet ski accident.

However, it’s unclear if the tumors and the recent disease diagnosis are related. However, she now must live a life that is stress-free, anxiety free, and depression-free, and she must make sure she gets the proper amount of sleep every night.

Renee Baio received love and support from fans

Scott Baio previously said that the brain tumors that his wife has are the most common, but can cause serious health problems depending on the location and size of the tumor.

The family is still waiting to find out if it can be operated on. People took to Twitter to show their support for her, offering their thoughts and prayers.

Scott and Renee married in 2007, and two months later, their daughter Bailey was born.

Renee was previously discovered to be in the early stages of breast cancer. She received three successful lumpectomies.

Scott Baio was last in the spotlight after being accused of molesting his “Charles in Charge” co-star Nicole Eggert. The actor has denied the allegations and went on “Good Morning America” to defend himself. Baio said the hardest part was having his wife and child caught up in the mess.