Recently we have seen a massive influx of comic book films and media hitting our screens. The popularity of these films is due to their ability to capture an audience, as well as showcase some of pop culture's most famed heroes and villains. DC Comics is one of the many companies that have begun to translate their cast of characters from their comics to the big screen, and more details have emerged following their newest film endeavor, "Shazam."

What we know about 'Shazam'

It was reported that actor Zachary Levi would be taking on the role of DC's superhero following report by The Hollywood Reporter in late October 2017.

Zachary Levi has never played a superhero character like this before, however, his previous roles as the protagonist in "Chuck" as well as various roles in Marvel films have had people speculating that this may be the perfect casting for this character. DC have also stated that the film will have a much more lighthearted tone than DC's previous films. This furthers the speculation that Zachary's filmography is a perfect match for this new role.

The Information about the tone and style of the film was released in a synopsis which sheds light on small details about the film, and was primarily used to generate some hype for the film.

The release date for "Shazam" is slated to be in April 2019, and the film is currently in production.

With a large production window ahead, as well as Marvel releasing "Avengers: Infinity War" in April 2018, it will be interesting to see how the production of the film plays out.

Due to the film's early stages of production, there has been very little information released to the public by the producers and directors of the film.

However, fans and snoopers did have a small piece of leaked information given to them in the form of an image showing Zachary in his superhero costume for "Shazam." The confirmed director for the film (David F. Sandberg) made a statement following the released images, expressing his thoughts on the official release of the costume following the leaked images.

He wants more of an official publicity stunt, and less of an unofficial teaser.

'Shazam' promotional content

More excitement has been created following a poster that was released on March 21 showing Shazam emerging from some foreboding storm clouds. The poster hits on DC's iconic dark tone, yet keeps a lighthearted appearance, as the name "Shazam" is stylized in a classically iconic comic book format with bold, eye-catching letters.