A few hours ago, a new preview of the film was leaked, though the film won't be released until December. This preview is a teaser trailer for the movie that will bring with it a lot of new content, and new animation.


The first scene we see in the teaser is one where we can see Goku, but he looks a little strange. The animation is very similar to that of the 90s, although so far, it looks similar to the old animation that the legendary Knights of the Zodiac ("Saint Seya") had.

After this, we see how the teaser mentions that a new adventure awaits us, this new adventure that we the fans want so much, and then we see a panoramic scene of Goku who’s on his back, and on top of a small ice mountain. We can also see the new enemy.

New villain

This enemy is very curious because we see that a green aura, like the one Broly has, surrounds him. The animation of the enemy is faithful to the 90s and "Saint Seya" in style. After this, we see that Goku is preparing to fight him.

These scenes are accompanied by the words “Saiyan who has no limits” and we see how Goku directly attacks this warrior who has golden eyes and black hair with greenish tones because of the aura. The trailer ends with the "Dragon Ball" logo, leaving fans in suspense, and leaving them waiting for the next preview.

There’s something interesting and it’s that this new enemy appears to be a Saiyan, although we cannot confirm it yet. This would be something logical since the movie is focused on the Saiyans. At the same time, he may very well have the Ki of the gods, but it should be clarified that with this new animation it is possible that we could get confused since it’s difficult to differentiate -- because the animation is radically different.

While fans all over the world now have a teaser trailer to tide them over for now, the fact remains that, because it's a teaser, not much has been revealed. Ultimately, fans will just have to wait for more in the meantime.

We remind you that this Saturday, March 24, will be the premiere of episode 131 of "Dragon Ball Super." This chapter will be the last episode of the saga and of the series, which will be canceled for the moment due to preparations relating to the new film.

It is believed that after the movie the series will continue with new stories. Below is a full preview of episode 131. You can see the entire episode on pages like Crunchyroll.

So far this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we will be communicating it as soon as possible.