Everyone has heard of the legendary comics from Marvel and DC. But what are the differences between each universe? What are the similarities?


Marvel Comics is an American comic book line that is published by Marvel Entertainment. It has been one of the two biggest comic book lines along with DC Comics since the 60's. It's first well-known superhero comic was Captain America published in 1941. Their better-known superhero groups now are "The Avengers," "The Defenders," "Fantastic Four, "Inhumans," "X- Men" and many more. More than a dozen Marvel movies were released as of 2016 and plenty of shows have also aired.


DC Comics is an American media and entertainment company whose comic book line has grown to be very successful. DC published their first "Superman" comic in 1938. Since then other well-known superheroes under the DC universe include "Batman," "Wonder Woman," "The Green Lantern," and "The Flash." With DC as well there have been multiple movies released and television shows aired.


In the Marvel Universe, story lines cross from shows to movies and vice versa. To really get to know a character and their story there are movies and shows you'd have to watch as there is so much information from each movie and television show. Even though there are multiple crossovers, Marvel first introduces a new hero with its own series or movie, then they cross over.

DC comics is much simpler as no story lines cross. But there are shows aired that have nothing to do with the movie story lines. So in a sense, multiple actors will play the same character on television and the big screen.


There aren't many similarities other than some characters lDeadpoolPool and Deathstroke, or Hawkeye and Green Arrow or even Quicksilver and the Flash.


If you like to watch multiple shows and have a connected story line within them then Marvel is the universe for you. Otherwise, if you like to follow the story line with one show at a time whether it be on television or on the big screen then go with DC Universe.

Releases 2017

There are going to be many movie releases and show premiers from both universes in 2017.

Marvel releases and premieres include "Guardians of the Galaxy v.2," "Spiderman: Homecoming," "Thor: Ragnarok," "Inhumans," "Luke Cage," "Iron Fist" and the "Defenders" just to name a few.

DC Comics releases and premieres include "Wonder Woman," "Justice League" and new seasons for their television shows.

So who is your favorite superhero from each universe; and which universe is your favorite?