Maci Bookout has been dealing with health issues since her episode of “16 and Pregnant” aired. Fans who have followed her journey know she suffers from PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). This is actually something Bookout has been very forthcoming about. She admitted she believed she would be unable to have children, so finding out she was pregnant with Bentley was a shocker.

PCOS affects Maci

Last week on “Teen Mom OG,” Maci Bookout revealed she was seeking help in treating her PCOS. The doctor she consulted with gave her a few options, one of which was surgery.

He could essentially burn several holes into her ovaries and reverse the condition, allowing her to be regulated better than now. Of course, that idea wasn't one of her favorites. Despite the pain and chaos PCOS causes her, Bookout isn't willing to attempt the surgery.

A new sneak peek from Monday's episode of “Teen Mom OG,” Maci Bookout talks honestly with her friend about her battle with PCOS. It appears that she is incredibly brave for battling something like this. Bookout revealed that it was the worst pain in her life. Initially, all women have cysts on their ovaries that go away with their cycle. Maci is different because she doesn't always have a cycle so the cysts burst when they get too big, and that causes her pain.

She described all of this in the sneak peek, which has “Teen Mom OG” fans speculating about more focus on this ahead.

Other issues

There have been several comments made about Maci Bookout not knowing about being pregnant until she was nearly halfway through her pregnancy. Dealing with PCOS can make your cycle irregular. She has gone months without one, and that would be the norm.

However, after becoming pregnant with Bentley, some fans think she should have been more careful. Earlier this season, Bookout revealed that she suffered a miscarriage that year. The news was shocking for fans to hear because there had been no mention of it on social media.

Teen Mom OG” stars are flying into New York for the weekend.

The reunion is taping and everyone is expected to be there with the exception of Farrah Abraham. Maci Bookout has always been there to film for her contractual obligations, so this would be no different. It will be interesting to see how Catelynn Lowell is doing, but she will be happy to see her long-time friend. With everything going on in the “Teen Mom OG” family, this weekend will be much-needed.